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     PC*Miler Navigator Series
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Pc Miler Navigator truck GPS
This is the history of PC Miler Navigator models (from oldest to last:)
PCM 430, PCM440, PCM540, PCM740, PCM450, PCM550, PCM750
Important note:
ALK Technologies, the maker of the map program for PC Miler Navigator, has discontinued new maps for the Navigator product line.  As such, the manufacture of new PC Miler Navigator hardware units has ceased. 
The 12-month manufacturer's warranty on all new PC Miler's is NOT affected.  If you have a manufacturer's warranty issue failure in the first 12 months after purchasing, you can initiate that warranty repair process using the form at THIS LINK.
The latest maps for all 450, 550, and 750 models were released in November, 2012.  If you bought your unit from after November, then it already has those maps on it.  If you bought it elsewhere or if before November, 2012, then you can still put newer maps on using the instructions at THIS LINK
Knowing that all GPS makers put out no more than 1 - 2 map updates per year anyway, your navigator on the last PCM mapset will still be just as useful for several more years regardless of ALK's decision.  If you have any questions on this for a PCM branded unit that you bought from us, please feel free to call us. -
How to get updates for PC Miler GPS systems:
PC Miler new maps installed FOR PCM450/550/750:  Updates are free by using the "CoPilot Central" application found at THIS LINK.
PC Miler new maps installed FOR PCM430/440/540/740:  Updates can be obtained by following the info found at THIS LINK.
Features and Specifications (all models)
PCMiler 440, 540, and 740 Trucking GPS system screen

  • PC*MILER Routing: Practical, Shortest, 53'/102'' Trailer, HazMat, National Network and Toll Avoidance
  • Route matches your "profile" that you enter (ex: 13'6" height, 53' length, 80,000 lbs)
  • Large, clear 4.3’’ , 5", or 7" touch-screen displays
  • Truck-specific, loud spoken Address-to-Address directions throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Easily and quickly detours around unexpected congestion and avoids specific roads
  • Pre-plan your route and optimize up to 50 stops
  • Miss a turn? With fast automatic route recalculation, drivers will never be lost
  • Truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations plus 7 million additional Points of Interest
  • Easy-to-see Driver Safety Screen; flexible and clear 2D and 3D map views
  • Pre-installed software and map data, works out of the box
  • 783,400 highway miles and 6.37 million street-level miles
  • 140 million nationwide U.S. street addresses
  • 30 million nationwide Canadian street addresses
  • Over 2.89 million truck restrictions (e.g. bridge heights, load limits, left-turn and dangerous turn restrictions, urban road classifications)

  • Text-to-Speech: Provides spoken turn directions with street names for hands free truck-legal navigation
  • Load profitability: Preview trips before hitting the road. Analyze trip cost, time and pay to make smart load choices, with HOS break times factored in
  • Warnings: If a driver turns onto a restricted road, a warning appears on the screen and the best alternative route is automatically calculated
    Improves driver retention and recruiting
  • Operating system: Windows® CE .NET 5.0
  • Display:  5", or 7" TFT widescreen touch display (Anti-glare)
  • GPS: Internal SiRF Star III GPS antenna plus external GPS jack
  • Audio output: Built-in 2W speaker in 4" and 5" - 3W speaker in 7" units
  • Earphone / external speaker jack
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
What’s Included:

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