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In-Vehicle "Black Box" truck and car camera / video / GPS recording systems
Stop road fraud by having PROOF that you were right! Record and share your travels and routes Capture bizarre events on video
Select your system by choosing from the features below (what you want it to do for you)
in-car windshield 720P HD DVR black box video camera  2 camera trucker and fleet black box video safety and security recorder  outside truck or rv vehicle backup camera system with monitor Camera for Rand McNally tnd or rvnd gps 
View the high definition truck video recorder dvr windshield camera View the duel, 2-camera truck DVR dual black box video recorder for trucks Truck and car 2,3,qne 4 camera backup and dash recording DVR camera system Rand McNally truck and rv gps camera 
Model:  DB4
Flip-screen windshield or dash cam recording
Model:  Carpa-11
Dual camera "black box" video and GPS position recorder - $249
Model:  Multi-Cam Up to 4 cameras with 7" monitors
Multiple options with or without recording (start from $179)
Model:  GPS-CAM
For Rand McNally truck and RV GPS units
Starting at $149
  • Single camera plus DVR in one (in windshield or dash)
  • 2.5" color TFT flip-down, monitor
  • 1280X720 HD resolution (.avi with H264 compression)(30fps)
  • SD card (8Gb card included)
  • Video and Audio recording
  • Motion security recording mode
  • HDMI video output jack
  • USB 2.0 output jack
  • 3 recording resolutions
  • Windshield suction mounted
  • Low-light night vision capability
  • Zoran chipset high quality image
    • Dual camera plus DVR in one (in-cab)
    • No monitor (view with computer)
    • 640X480 resolution (.mp4)(24fps)
    • SD card (8Gb card included)
    • GPS position recorded also
    • Video and Audio recording
    • G-shock sensors built in to automatically protect and save videos during shock evens (hits, hard-braking, swerves, etc.)
    • Viewer application included (uses Google maps for GPS location view. An internet connection is required only for the Google maps portion of playback but NOT for video, truck speed, and direction, or for "g-shocks" functions)
    • One, two, three, or four-camera systems (in-cab or outside.) waterproof with monitor
    • 7" monitor (1440X234 TFT)
    • 18 Infrared night vision beams are built into the cameras for viewing at night and low-light conditions.
    • With or Without a 12-volt mobile DVR (digital video recorder)
    • Great for viewing the "blind-spot" or for backing up a long rig.
    • DVR option allows viewing the GPS position and speed and direction history using Google maps and a computer.
    • If DVR option is chosen, then motion recording, time of day recording, and several other options are available as part of the DVR software.
    • Record up to 360 degrees around your rig
    • One camera outside, waterproof
    • Use your Rand McNally truck (TND720) or RV (RVND7720) as a camera monitor!
    • 18 Infrared night vision beams are built into the cameras for viewing at night and low-light conditions.
    • Great for viewing the "blind-spot" or for backing up a long rig.

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