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Truck Driver and RV'er GPS Navigation Systems
CoPilot Truck GPS for turckers

Truck driver gps navigation system review Rand McNally

Designed for Truckers and RV'ers
Co-Pilot Truck GPS and trip planning for laptops
Rand McNally truck GPS systems
Shows 53' trailer restricted roads
Hazmat restrictions are built in
Address to address directions for US and Canada
Spoken turn-by-turn directions
Several versions and options for you

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USB gps antenna with 12 foot USB cord USB GPS receivers / antennas for laptops

Truck Driver and RV'er Satellite TV systems
Mobile satellite vehicle trucker rv tv antenna system

Tailgater and King VuQube and Winegard mobile satellite systems work with Dish Network, DirectTV, and Bell Expressvu

No-drill and drill mount methods for the back of semi trucks

Easy signal acquisition, weatherproof.

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Truck Driver windshield and dash cameras
in-car windshield 720P HD DVR black box video camera outside truck or rv vehicle backup camera system with monitor

dot Windshield and Dash Cameras for truck drivers
dot Blind-side view and recording systems
dot Rear-view and backup camera for truck, RV, or Bus
dot Single and multi-camera systems with and without recording
dot Camera for Rand McNally GPS
dot Night-vision, motion activated, audio, and many other security features available

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Over the air digital (free TV) antennas for trucks
Free tv signal antenna digital TV for truck


  • Watch TV for free with a good over-the air antenna!
  • Full HD digital signal antennas
  • Amplified versions for maximum signal
  • Winegard top quality truck TV antennas
Truck driver Bluetooth noise cancelling headsets - Recordable and Dual-Ear Stereo models
Best bluetooth headset for truckers and other drivers


  • More than 13 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • Up to 250 hours standby time.
  • Up to 30 feet of range
  • 4X Noise Suppression technology blocks out background noise—even the roar of an 18-wheeler!
  • Ultra-stable over-the-head design with bendable mic boom
  • LOUD and CLEAR with rugged buttons and designs.
  • Includes DC (vehicle) and AC (home) adapter charging cords.
  • Recordable and Dual-ear Stereo versions available
Ram Laptop mounting systems for car, truck, and RV
Ram truck laptop stand at the best price
Ram "no-drill" mounts and stands

Heavy duty design and fully adjustable
Multiple mounting configurations
No-Drill and drill-mount options
Patented and made in the USA
Easy to install
Fits almost any laptop
Hundreds of vehicle designs

Simply the toughest and best laptop mount on the market"

The Trucker's Laptop Computer
Trucker Laptop Computer

Stunning "CrystalBrite" anti-glare screens!

The powerful and affordable choice for drivers!

WINDOWS 8.1 with free upgrade to Windows 10

NEW Acer Laptop with dual-core processor
4 Gigabytes of RAM (Memory)
500 Gigabyte hard drive
Bluetooth 4.0
Internal wireless and wired LAN networking

FREE 4Gb USB flash drive included!

Dieselboss tested and recommended system "ready-to-roll"

Check out the full details HERE.

Refrigerated trailer brooms
Reefer trailer broom for sweeping refrigerated semi trailers

SAVE $$$ and your time by reducing trailer washouts
The original Reefer-Sweeper trailer brooms!
Now with "food grade" poly heads or standard wooden heads.

"Patented and made in the USA for years of reliable use."

Tandem Stoppers trailer axle alignment positioning tool 
Tandem Stoppers slider axle alignment tool


Save time, money, and FRUSTRATION!
FAST and easy adjustment of your trailer axles
Avoid improper load TICKETS
Free shipping to your door
Eliminate the GUESSWORK!

Invented by a veteran truck driver and made in the USA!

  DC to AC "vehicle power inverters" 
dc to ac truck and car power inverter  400 watt vehicle power inverter for truck
DC to AC car and truck inverters
Perfect for Laptop Power in the vehicle!


  Very small car or truck power inverter
  Plugs into the lighter socket
  For radios, laptops, cameras, games, more
  150 watt and 400 watt versions

Provides a steady current to run computers, stereos, video games, TVs, VCRs, emergency equipment and much more

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2014 the next exit traveler guide book Oversize and heavy haul permit and rules book
Truck stops, truck services, exit guide books



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