DieselBoss Truck and RV backup and security camera systems quote (SD)
(Temporary special pricing version of this form is currently in effect.  Prices below are only when a "system" is ordered, including monitor and at least 1 camera.)

Choose from the options below and the cost will update as you go in the blue box.

My DVR: (WITH recording or NO recording) option:

Choose here whether you want a DVR (digital video recorder) system. Choose "No DVR" if you want to be able to VIEW cameras on the monitor but do NOT WANT to record the video.

My Color LCD Monitor Selection:

Choose monitor. Note that if you chose a DVR above, you do not need a 4-channel monitor because the cameras plug into your DVR. The 2-channel monitors are what we use when a DVR is used. 4-channel monitors are more commonly used when NO recording DVR is attached if you want to view more than 2 cameras.

Forward-facing (windshield / dash) camera?:

Check this box if you want an inside cab camera for recording the road ahead. (remember that the max number of total cameras inside and outside for one system is 5, but ONLY 4 OF THEM WILL BE RECORDING IF MORE THAN 4 ARE CHOSEN. The 5th camera will be for viewing only on the monitor.)

Exterior Cameras (700 TVL Sony, waterproof IR night vision, color, Hi-Res):

Choose the number of cameras that will be OUTSIDE of the cab (remember that the max number of total RECORDING CAMERAS BEING RECORDED IS 4. You can add a 5th camera for VIEWING separately on the monitor but it will not be RECORDED.)

Camera mirror clamp-on mounts:

This is an adjustable outside "ball and arm" clamp-on mount for the EXTERNAL cameras that can be attached to any tubular frame surface. The mirrors are a common place to mount cameras looking back unless fender or side-mount cams are used. ($45 ea)

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver:

Most practical for inside trailers, back of trailers, or back roof of tractor. We can do more than one wireless, and we can use this to make the monitor wireless. Those options are more complex and we invite a phone conversation to discuss. (866-851-2346)

Optional extras:

Additional optional items to add to this system

Email this quote (optional)

If you would like a copy of your camera configuration emailed to you, please enter your name and email address below. We DO NOT EVER share your information. We also have many other wire lengths, custom mounts, other monitors, cameras, etc for the asking.



Unadvertised specials on this system:

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