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-   VuQube mobile satellite TV for semi truck and Vu Qube for RV

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The "VU Qube"Mobile Satellite TV system

 See our updated model page --->  click here

VuQube mobile satellite TV antenna for truck and rv users

Model V10 Details:
V10 - manually find the signal when stopped with the remote control  (discontinued)
Power and cabling:  The V10 uses a single coax cable (included) for the channel signal and the power for easy cabling.
If you are looking for Automatic systems see---->  THIS LINK INSTEAD

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Vu Cube satellite tv for semi truck driver  Perfect for truck drivers and RV's
with Dish Network, DirecTV, Bell ExpressVU, or Free-to-Air receivers
  Note: If you want HD (hi-definition) with VuQube then you have to use Dish Network
  Note2: If you do NOT need HD and want the NFL package then we recommend using DirectTV as the provider.
  Note 3:  Canadians will find that Bell ExpressVu is the provider to use.
  The First
mobile satellite antenna built for semi trucks
   Uses a remote control to manually point the Vu-Qube when stopped from inside the truck.
   Innovative strength with a small foot-print
Feel more like you are at home and less like you are on the road.
  Using the Vu Qube V10 Five Step Satellite Find
, and FastFind Remote you will be locked on and receiving digital programming within minutes of turning on your satellite receiver and TV. 

  • Use a remote control to set the elevation and rotation of the dish without even leaving your truck or rv
  • Enclosed in a weatherproof cube so that you can permanently and easily mount it on your rig
  • NO MORE setting up, raising and aligning a large dish system
  • Use your existing satellite provider (if you already have satellite TV at home.)  Just activate one more receiver on your account!
  • It can pick up the signal for 360 degrees around your rig (if you are able to install it with 3-4 inches of it above the cab.)  However, even if you have to install it flush with the roof height, you can still watch TV if your park the rig facing east, west, or north when you stop.

Some of our many installation pictures are show below.  Click any picture to enlarge it.  For the no-drill bracket to be used, the back of the truck needs to be a smooth surface.  By enlarging the pictures below, you can see examples of both "bolted" and "no-drill" installs depending on the rig..

no drilling vu qube v10 on a trucker rig View cube picture on semi truck no drilling Vu Qube trucker satellite tv install picture satellite tv antenna for trucker on the road tv programming for truck driver tv for trucker reception vu cube tv system for truck sattelite tv system view cube for trucker installed vu qube installed on a truck how to install satelite tv receiver on a truck vu qube tv for truck driver no drill 

available in Albany, Oregon (call us for pricing and appointment.)

Included with purchase of the Vu Qube
  • Vu Qube Mobile Satellite TV Antenna System
  • Simple Remote control to position antenna
  • Wiring and cables
Additional items that you need to have to watch TV:
  • Television or the ability to connect a TV signal to your computer.
  • Satellite TV receiver (provided by the satellite tv company you subscribe to)
  • A Subscription to service provider (i.e. DISH Network, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu)
  • Mounting bracket (drill and no-drill styles can be purchased with your Vu Qube above at HALF PRICE or below separately.
How to install satellite TV on a truck - FOR OUR FULL IDEAS AND GUIDE PAGE  ---->  CLICK HERE
VuQube Sattellite system mounted on a big rig truck

Bolt-on bracket shown above. "No-Drill" bracket also available. See further pictures below on this page!

Notice:  We are phasing out the VuQube V10 model now in favor of the smaller, automatic Winegard units found at ----->>> THIS LINK.  We will still leave this page active for ordering the mounts for the VuQube below.  As always - CALL if you have questions and we can help!

A NOTE on the MOUNTING brackets below:

  • "Drill style" requires that you drill 4 holes for the bolts. (see the compression nut kit below for one possible way to bolt on)
  • "No-drill" style is held on with heavy-duty 3M aircraft tape and has been tested by Dieselboss to be sound and secure if you follow our instructions that come in the box and are published in the document just below on this page.

VuQube no-drill mount bracket

VuQube Satellite "NO-DRILL" bracket only.
$109.00  Add to Cart

plus $15 shipping in the US Only.  Canadians, please phone in your order.  Shipping is 3 - 6 days delivery time via FedEx Ground

Vu Qube no-drill bracket guide <--------- The "NO-DRILL" bracket installation guide.
(Free Adobe Acrobat reader required to view.)

VuQube no-drill mount bracket

VuQube Satellite "BOLT-ON" bracket only.
 $95.00  Add to Cart
plus $15 shipping in the US Only.  Canadians, please phone in your order.  Shipping is 3 - 6 days delivery time via FedEx Ground

Compression nut kit for attaching satellite TV bracket to back of truck
Add-On item:  Compression nut & bolt kit for attaching to the back wall of a truck from the outside

$19.95  Add to Cart
<Please only add this nut & bolt kit to your cart if you are also getting a dome or bracket from us>

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