Winegard stationary automatic-finder Truck and RV systems. 
Pathway X1 and G2-Plus models for truck and RV (or tailgating)

Winegard in-motion and stationary satellite dish antenna for truck

Mobile Satellite TV for the Long-Haul!  Built tough and dependable specifically for truckers.
100% automatic = no dish pointing!  Smaller / Lighter / Ruggedized for trucks!

Model Differences:

"Pathway X1" mountable, stationary automatic (Truck and RV version) Dish network TV for truck
- Automatically finds your service provider TV signal when stopped(FOR DISH NETWORK customers ONLY)

"Carryout G2-Plus" mountable, stationary automatic (Truck and RV version) Direct TV Dish Network Bell satellite TV for truck driver
- Automatically finds your service provider TV signal when stopped(FOR DIRECTV or DISH NETWORK or BELL ExpressVu customers)

Power and cabling: 
X1 (Dish) includes the coax cable and no other connection is necessary if using the correct receiver models. 
The G2-Plus (DirectTV or Dish or Bell) includes the coax and a small power "injector" box to plug into 110 volts for power. 

 X1 (Dish) connection diagram   G2-Plus (Dish, DirecTV, or Bell connection diagram

All mounting options are sold separately at  ----->  this page.

(no sales tax on ANY ORDERS)  -  Canadian orders, please PHONE IN

Vu Cube satellite tv for semi truck driver  Perfect for truck drivers and RV's.  RUGGEDIZED internal components with 2-year warranty
with Dish Network, DirecTV, and Bell ExpressVU, receivers (depending on model)
  Note 1: If you want HD (hi-definition) mobile satellite TV, then you must use Dish Network as your provider.
  Note2: If you do NOT need HD, are already a DirectTV customer, or if you want the NFL package then we recommend using DirectTV as the provider.
  Note 3:  Canadians
will find that Bell ExpressVu is the provider to use.
  RAPID AUTOMATIC pointing when you are stopped -
.  No manual pointing.
Feel more like you are at home and less like you are on the road.
Two year parts and one year labor warranty!


  • To be able to see 360 degrees around the vehicle, you must install high enough that the top of the dome can see the sky.  (preferably 5 inches of it above the roof.)  The further north that you go, the more critical that the height becomes.  See THIS DIAGRAM for height recommendations.  If you cannot leave the recommended portion of the dome above the truck, it can still be used, but the signal may be blocked by a roof or other surface that prevents a clear view of the southern sky at that time.
  • Installation of the unit is different on every truck, so call us if you have any questions prior to purchase.  We are here to tell you the best ways to do it!
  • For our full install examples guide page - click here
  • For our exclusive "no-drill" style of bracket instruction sheet, click here

Click the pictures below to enlarge on your screen.

how to put satellite tv on a truck  Satellite tv statonary system on semi truck Installing trucker satellite tv system on a truck Satellite TV for RV and trailer

How to install satellite TV on a truck - FOR OUR FULL IDEAS AND GUIDE PAGE  ---->  CLICK HERE
Various Mounting Bracket Options - FOR OUR FULL Lineup of EXCLUSIVE big-truck satellite mounts  ---->  CLICK HERE

Winegard automatic satellite tv system for truck 
"X1 Truck Mountable Automatic" Unit Ordering Options
$399 - $499

Choose receiver option and Add to Cart below:
Dish network TV for truck

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DTV note DirecTV customers need to READ THIS NOTE about their lease policy on new receivers please.

"G2 Plus" Truck Mountable Automatic Unit Ordering Options
$624.99 - $733.99 depending on option below

Choose receiver option and Add to Cart below:
Direct TV Dish Network Bell satellite TV for truck driver

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(Bracket not included.  For various bracket options, see  ---> THIS LINK

Included with purchase:
  • X1 or G2 Winegard dome antenna
  • All wiring and power switch cables, including the coax cable (Mounting Bracket not included unless purchased separately)
  • Installation and operation guide
  • 2yr parts / 1yr labor factory warranty!

Specs & Dimensions:  (NOW smaller and lighter than ever!)

  • Installation available in Albany, Oregon (call us for pricing and appointment.)
  • 30 coax cable (included)
  • Dome is only 13.5" high x 14.3" diameter
  • Weight is only 12 lbs
  • Works with the DieselBoss no-drill or bolt on brackets
  • Can be flat roof-mounted or portable too for RV'ers and tailgaters!
Additional items that you need to have to watch TV:
  • A Subscription to service provider (i.e. DISH Network, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu)
  • Satellite TV receiver (provided by the satellite tv company you subscribe to or purchased with the unit above)
  • Television or the ability to connect a TV signal to your a computer or monitor that has TV input.
  • Mounting bracket (if you are going to mount it.)  Remember that these units can simply be set out and not mounted too.  That is easy to do on a camping or tailgating trip, but not so easy in a truck stop.