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Truck stop locations, truck scales, WalMarts, Brokers, the current diesel price at the major truck stops, D.O.T weigh station locations, big truck dealers and service, and rest areas throughout the U.S. , parking, fuel stops, and MUCH MORE - free online traveler's databases.

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  Links to all 50 States Departments of Transportation - USA
  Average gas and diesel fuel price (government site)
  Provincial and Territorial Ministries responsible for transportation - Canada
  Look up the zip code for any US city or town HERE.
  The current time and Time Zones across the US are HERE.
  The Nationwide CAT SCALE locator.
  The Beacon Truck Wash locator.
  Trucker and talk show radio info page.
  Landstar Trucking Company
  Online conversion calculators - convert just about any unit of measurement into another (metric and standard.)
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