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-   Trucking software for daily log book, IFTA fuel, and FMCSA driver audit, 2015

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Driver audit and daily log compliance program online Company - Drivers hours of service logging
IFTA fuel tax calculator online and spreadsheet calculator program IFTA fuel tax calculation for multiple trucks
Tracking important dates for truck drivers spreadsheet compliance program Trucker Compliance Spreadsheet Software
Free trucker speed calculator software program for Windows Free Trucker Quick-Calculator

Truck Driver  and Trucking Company Audit Software from DieselBoss
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Truck driver daily log and software programs
(Programs for Owner-Operators, Independents, and Company Drivers)

░  Eclipse Driver Daily Log - Looks just like a paper log.  Printable or faxable driver daily logbook also ensures compliance with FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) rules.  DOT accepted log sheets are printable from your computer, or use this program to ensure that you have made no mistakes before filling out your paper log.  Try it FREE for a month!

 Driver Accounting  - Runs on Microsoft Excel.  Keeps track and provides reports on your daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual income and expenses.  Very important for independents and owner-operators.

 ░ IFTA Fuel Tax Program plus Accounting  - Runs on Microsoft Excel.  Used to easily calculate and manage your quarterly fuel tax reporting for your truck.  Very useful for those with their own authority and pay fuel tax.

ALL PROGRAMS FEATURE:  Easy to learn and use.  Very affordable.  Unlimited personal support direct from us.
trucking software for companies to audit logs and IFTA fuel tax 
(Programs for Company Owners, Fleet Managers, Accountants, and Dispatchers)

 LogBook Audit and FMCSA Compliance -  Web-based driver log entry and audit.  Includes full charts, reports, letters.  Enter logs by clicking, scanning, or upload from Eclipse.

 IFTA Fuel Tax Program - Runs on Microsoft Excel.  Used to easily calculate and manage your quarterly fuel tax reporting for your fleet and drivers.

or - LAST MINUTE IFTA?  If you are just looking to calculate rates free and quickly - you can also try our new free online IFTA calculator at THIS link.

 Date Compliance Spreadsheet - Perfect for entering important driver requirement dates (renewals, safety, training, etc)  Easily shows and reminds you when important requirements are due across your driver fleet.

░  State by state truck route mileage calculator program for Windows - Put in a starting and ending point, with up to 50 stops, and obtain a printable state-by-state miles report using legal truck routes
Check out our new free IFTA fuel tax calculator site here: free online IFTA calculator

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