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Contains driver accounting 2016 Driver Accounting Software Program Spreadsheets
(easy expense-tracking and trucker accounting spreadsheets)

This is the truck driver accounting program.  It is simple, inexpensive, and it saves you hours of headaches trying to "tally up" all of your deductible, and other expenses for accounting and tax purposes.
(there is a free sample of this spreadsheet here:  trial accounting.  This is a zipped file so you will need to extract it somewhere on your computer to try it)

IMPORTANT NOTE! You must have the full version (not trial version) of Microsoft Excelâ„¢ 2007 or higher and WINDOWS on your computer to operate this form.

You enter:

  • Trip pay miles (loaded and empty)
  • Your fuel costs
  • Truck maintenance and other expenses
  • Business deductions.
  • Virtually any category of expenses that you want.  It is customizable so that you can enter your own categories also!

The program then gives you:

  • The completed summaries for your Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Pay
  • The completed summaries for your Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Expenses
  • An easy summary page which can be printed or mailed to your accountant easily!
  • THIS PROGRAM IS BASED ON THE CALANDER YEAR.  Last entry is Dec 31st of the year. 



(2016 Calendar Year Version)

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Instructions:  at the conclusion of your checkout, you will see a download page on your screen and a link in your email with instructions to get the program.
Click below for views of what the spreadsheets look like:

Trucker accounting program main switchboard page Trip pay entry Fuel pay entry Monthly summary report Quarterly summary report Accounting spreadsheet annual report


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