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CoPilot Live
Truck 10 (2019) UPDATED!

- Ultimate Road GPS and Truck Routing for laptop computers
Make more money | Save time on the road | Provide better customer service

(Laptop NOT included)

For laptops, tablets, or desktops running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and 8.1, and Win 10
IMPORTANT! - Windows XP and Vista are NOT supported.
This is NOT the mobile version for Android or iOS phones and tablets.

Free telephone support direct from us if purchased here.  (Mon-Fri  8 - 5:30 PST)

Pricing from $149.95 to $259.95 depending on options and accessories.

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Note 1:  If you are looking for the version just to be able to run theoretical state-by-state mileage summary reports for IFTA, this is NOT THE ONE YOU WANT.  What you are looking for is found at ---> THIS link.

NOTE 2:   If you already bought or upgraded to version 9 from us before - you do NOT need to buy this updated version.  You just need to install version 10 onto the same computer that has version 9 already on it.  Please contact us through our CONTACT PAGE for a download link.

Why do truckers use the Copilot Live Truck GPS?
Features and Improvements of v10 below:

(supports 32-bit OR 64-bit Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems)

  • Industry standard PC*MILER Routing with new 2019 MAPS!:

    - Practical or Shortest routing for trucks. 
    - US and Canada address-to-address
    - Zip code entry mode (U.S. only)
    - 53'/102" trailer routing & 48'/96" routing
    - 13' 6" height standard, or user defined heights
    - HazMat specific routes for General, Explosives, Inhalants, Caustic, Flammable, and Radioactives.
    - National Trucking Network and Toll Avoidance capability.
  • Voice Instructions and turn-by-instructions (route is on-screen and not printable)
  • Step-by-Step Address or zip code Entry with Type-Ahead makes entering your destination easy. (U.S. and Canada)
  • "Clear View" lane assistance screen when you approach a freeway split or exit to show you the correct lane to be in!
  • Updated Points of Interest (POI's) including Truck Stops, Scales, and Rest Areas and 7 million others with phone numbers.
  • Finds best sequence for up to 50 stops or choose your own sequence and preview your trip before you hit the road.
  • Night Mode reduces glare and eye strain to improve night time safety.
  • Map Turn Arrows clearly illustrate your upcoming turn.
  • * Regular map updates and program updates now capable from inside of the program.
  • Additional modes for Cars and RV as well.

* Live communications, updates, RouteSync, traffic features, and weather info require an internet connection in your truck to use.  Internet connection is NOT required for routing and guidance.

  • Redesigned Graphics give CoPilot Truck version 9-2016 a whole new look and feel. It's simpler, clearer and easier to use than ever!
  • Enhanced 3D Map Display with ultra-clear view of the area around you.
  • "Alternate route" display and "Drag Route" to review multiple detour options on the screen for clearer route choices.
  • "Major roads preview" screen shows just the main freeway/highway numbers and names for your route.
  • "Show Speed Limit" plus alert now built in for the U.S. roads.  User settable.
  •  "Clearer display" on maps of trucking restricted roads and bridge heights and clearances, and weight restrictions.
  • Miss a turn? With fast automatic route recalculation, you will never be lost.
  • *"RouteSync" link now allows dispatchers who have PC*Miler Streets with the "connect" module to send routes directly to CoPilot Truck drivers.

    Note: this version does not calculate the state miles between 2 points - you need version 8 at the following link to do that for IFTA
    at THIS link.
  • * Live weather checker screen for any city. (NOT an overlay on the navigation map!)
  • * Real time traffic optional.  Avoid all or individual traffic incidents ensuring on time arrival to your next pick up or drop off.  Yearly subscription and internet connection required for this feature. (purchase Live Traffic)
  • Live Facebook and Twitter updating feature can automatically post a FB or Twitter update when you depart or arrive at your planned destinations.
  • Estimate how much your trip will cost based on fuel efficiency and price.

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