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-   Rand McNally Truck GPS - the IntelliRoute® TND-730™ navigator system for truckers
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 Rand McNally Truck GPS - TND730
This page:  7" large, Hi-Def screen

Rand McNally TND530 truck route GPS
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Free lifetime maps on Rand McNally TND220 gps

Expanded GPS info is at THIS LINK

Backup cam for Rand Mcnally truck and rv gps

 TND truck GPS 730 with camera savingsGPS camera for Rand McNally TND 720 or 730 truck

GPS antenna receiver for Rand McNally and Dash mount bracket for GPS in trucksRCA backup camera cable for Rand truck and RV gps

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Rand McNally  7" Truck GPS
IntelliRoute® TND 730™ with free lifetime maps
Free Lifetime Maps!
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standard feature Fuel Purchase Log entry screen and state-by-state fuel purchases report.
standard feature Real-time camera input.  Switch view to an outside camera with one tap.
standard feature WiFi enabled.  (can connect to nearby WiFi hotspots including drivers with cell phones WiFi hotspot broadcasting feature and associated data plan)
standard feature Record exact routes taken and view them back on the map (breadcrumb trails)
standard feature  Assignable "hot button quick-press" feature on the power button.  Assign a shortcut to your most-used function.
standard feature Current mile marker shown
standard feature Virtual dashboard shows new key info (speed, distance, altitude, ETA, more)
standard feature Real-time traffic compatible (* requires enabling the WiFi connection and a subscription through the TND Dock)
standard feature Free real-time fuel prices (* requires enabling the WiFi connection)
standard feature Enhanced warnings: includes sharp curves, steep hills, state borders, weigh stations, speed limits
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New or Enhanced Features of the 730-LM model:
new feature 2014 Latest released maps and enhanced truck routing.
Slimmer, sleek casing, yet tough for the truck environment
FASTER route calculations, searches, and operation
new feature New "Ice" and "Carbon" user interface options in addition to "Classic." New proprietary "color-saturated" icons making things easier to see "at a glance!"
new feature Rand McNally Enhanced LANE GUIDANCE technology gives the driver visual advice along the way for the best lanes in complex highway and turning situations
new feature IMPROVED map appearance showing more street names surrounding your location
new feature TOLL COST estimates now shown while planning your route
new feature Greatly INCREASED PHOTOREALISTIC JUNCTION VIEWS during road transitions and turns
new feature Enhanced ROAD AND AREA AVOIDANCE technology allowing you to block out roads or entire areas easily
new feature Enhanced MULTI-STOP trip planning showing upcoming legs and zoomable "whole-tip" or single-leg segments
new feature New COMMERICAL BUS routing mode in addition to the Truck and Car modes
new feature Automatic U.S. or METRIC conversion units depending on whether you are currently in the U.S. or Canada
new feature SEARCH feature added to the on-board address book

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New "slimmer" case, yet built strong enough to handle life on the road!

"Junction View" screen
Rand Mcnally TND 730 new truck GPS junction view picture

"Exit Services" screen
New Rand Mcnally 730 7-inch truck route GPS exit guide screen

"Virtual Dashboard" includes a fuel purchases entry button
trucker gps system with IFTA mileage and fuel purchase entry log by state

Complete with large suction mount, DC power cord, USB cable, and quick-start guide

TND Dock Rand McNally GPS updates

From the maker of the number #1 Truck Route Atlas comes the Intelliroute TND730 GPS.

Map and Routing Standard Features of the TND™ line:

  Preloaded maps with truck routes and maps in the US and Canada
  BIG Buttons and and easy interface to learn.
"Pop-out Exit Guide" displays the businesses and services at upcoming exits on your route!
  Road work construction updates (free by connecting to a computer)
  Built-in searchable National "Trucker's Friend" Truck Stop directory (with details for the locations)
  Speaks the turn-by-turn directions (loud and clear!)
  Enter destinations by address, city, intersection, lat/long, touch on map, or zip code
  Create your truck profile restrictions (height, weight, length, width, doubles, triples, etc.)
  HazMat - specific routing option
  Multiple point routing (able to enter multiple stops) with "route optimization and compare"
  Truck speed limits displayed while driving
  Detour and reroute option - and automatically reroutes you if you miss a turn and uses proper trucking roads while getting you back on track.
  Route avoidance option for tolls or specific roads when planning or detouring
  Enhanced "Quick-planner" mode with load profitability predictor.
  Add or save locations or addresses to the professional grade address book.
  Driver hours of service tool that tracks your driving and on-duty hours for the day and the week.
  Turn on various alerts (weigh stations, state lines, hours of service, maintenance due, etc)
  Logs your mileage and fuel by state for company and fuel tax reporting (exportable to a PC)
  Points of interest built-in, including extensive truck-specific points / simple searching!
  Expanded truck services search (including truck washes, repair, and towing)
  Feed back and update by connecting to a computer.  Send your roads, addresses, and point of interest ratings direct to Rand McNally!

Hardware Features included with the TND730:
  Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  7-inch color Hi-Def touch screen display GPS with large buttons and icons
  2.5mm external camera input (camera not included)
  8GB of memory storage
  2 Watt LOUD internal speaker and an external speaker / headphone jack
  SirfStar III GPS receiver (built in)
  Rugged suction mount kit, USB cable to connect to a computer, 8-foot 12V power cable, and user manual also included
  Languages:  English, Spanish, French

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