RCA video cable for Rand McNally TND 530, 720, 730, or T80 Tablet or for the RVND & Good Sam edition 7715, 7720, 7725, 7730, 7735 GPS backup cameras

Description & Details:

 Connector type = 2.5 mm male video to RCA female video
   For connecting any standard RCA type video device or backup camera to the video input on the side of a Rand McNally Truck (TND720 and 730 and Tablet T70 or T80) or RV GPS units (Rand RV Tablet 80 or the RVND & Good Sam 7715, 7720, 7725, and 7730 and 7735) only.
 Design features:  90-degree angle male connector on the GPS plugin for added strain relief and durability
  Cable length = 3 feet 
 Function: to allow for connecting the video signal coming from any RCA male cord or device to display on the Rand McNally GPS screen

 Rand McNally GPS backup video camera wire for RCA

- This wire is for the video signal only from your existing camera.  The Rand McNally GPS socket does NOT provide a power connection to your camera.

- Designed for the Rand McNally model TND 530, 720, 730, T80 tablet, or RVND 7715, 7720, 7725, 7730, and 7735 models only 

RCA to 2.5mm video camera cable / converter wire for Rand McNally GPS backup camera
 Model DB-RCA25  $11.95
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