For previous owners of CoPilot Truck (please read carefully)

Frequently asked questions for previous versions of CoPilot Truck for laptops

Question 1:  Is there a free upgrade to version 10?
Answer:   Not any more.  There was a path to upgrade in 2019, but it is now closed.  You can buy version 10 here:  CoPilot Truck Version 10 for laptops.

Question 2:  I have version 9.  Is version 10 a lot different?  Is there a video comparison?
Answer:   Version 10 looks a LOT more like a mobile app than older versions of CoPilot Truck.  It is quite different, yet somewhat the same.

Here is a video to help you make this decision:  Differences between CoPilot Truck 9 and CoPilot Truck 10 (click)

Question 3:  If I just want to get the newest possible maps for my version 9, what are they and how do I do it?
Follow steps A to F below.

A) Check your current version.  If you have CoPilot version 9 already on your computer, you can get maps up to the 2019 revision.  They will not put out 2020 and beyond maps for version 9 or any older version.  Check your program version by going to the "Main Menu" then "Settings" then "Scroll the screen down to the bottom and click "About CoPilot."  This page will show you 3 important things:  your program version, your map version, and your product key.  If you don't have that product key saved elsewhere, you should write it somewhere now.  It will look like the image below:

Video help for this step:  Here is a video to check and get the 2019 maps for version 9 (click)

B) Upgrade to the latest version - Version - if necessary.  If you already have version then move on to step F.  If you do need version then go to step D.

C) Upgrade CoPilot ver 9 to last version 9.  Install CoPilot ver 9 using the following link. (Version 9 install link)   If you are installing onto a machine that already has version 9, then just install over the top.  If you are installeing fresh, then use your same product key as before to activate it.  If using your same email as before, choose the "Use existing CoPilot ID" method.  If you have a new email address, use the "Create new CoPilot ID method."  If you do not remember your CoPilot ID password, click here to reset it -->  CoPilot ID password Reset.

D) Getting new maps for version 9.  When you update to this newest revision of version 9 CoPilot, it will ask you to download new maps upon install.  You will then have the newest maps available.  To periodically check if there are newer maps in the future, simply open the program and navigate to "Main Menu, then My CoPilot, then My Maps, then North America."  If there are new maps, it will tell you here and allow you do download them.  Check to see if yours are the newest in the "About CoPilot" screen.  The last version for 9 will say "2019.01" as in the picture above.
Video help:  How to check for maps on Version 9