CoPilot Live Truck 10 for Windows (North America edition)

new copilot live truck laptop updated maps
(2021) UPDATED!
 Stay on legal truck roads -  Make more money
 Save time on the road -  Provide better customer service

"The ultimate in-cab navigation GPS system for trucks"
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Alternate route - easy detouring fro truckers Lane assist technology for truck GPS List major truck route roads only  Create a truck-specific profile for restrictions while driving Pre-plan your truck route on the laptop computer 
CoPilot Truck 9 navigation GPS for laptops and computers
(Laptop NOT included)

For laptops, tablets, or desktops running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and 8.1, and Win 10
IMPORTANT! - Windows XP and Vista are NOT supported.
This is NOT the mobile version for Android or iOS phones and tablets.

Free telephone support direct from us if purchased here.  (Mon-Fri  8 - 5:30 PST)

Pricing from $149.95 to $259.95 depending on options and accessories.

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Why do truckers use the Copilot Live Truck GPS?
Features and Improvements of v10 below:

(supports 32-bit OR 64-bit Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems)

  • Industry standard PC*MILER Routing with new 2021 MAPS!:
    - Practical or Shortest routing for trucks. 
    - US and Canada address-to-address
    - Zip code entry mode (U.S. only)
    - 53'/102" trailer routing & 48'/96" routing
    - 13' 6" height standard, or user defined heights
    - HazMat specific routes for General, Explosives, Inhalants, Caustic, Flammable, and Radioactives.
    - National Trucking Network and Toll Avoidance capability.
  • Voice Instructions and turn-by-instructions (route is on-screen and not printable)
  • Step-by-Step Address or zip code Entry with Type-Ahead makes entering your destination easy. (U.S. and Canada)
  • "Clear View" lane assistance screen when you approach a freeway split or exit to show you the correct lane to be in!
  • Updated Points of Interest (POI's) including Truck Stops, Scales, and Rest Areas and 7 million others with phone numbers.
  • Finds best sequence for up to 50 stops or choose your own sequence and preview your trip before you hit the road.
  • Night Mode reduces glare and eye strain to improve night time safety.
  • Map Turn Arrows clearly illustrate your upcoming turn.
  • Additional modes for Cars and Lighter Duty Trucks as well.  Customizable dimesions for RVs.


  • Redesigned Graphics give CoPilot Truck version 10 has a whole new look and feel. It's simpler, clearer and easier to use than ever!
  • Enhanced 3D Map Display with ultra-clear view of the area around you.
  • "Alternate route" displays up to three possible truck routes on the screen for clearer route choices.
  • New "Altitude" based routing option.  Set a max altitude and CoPilot will route you on roads that stay under that altitude.
  • "Show Speed Limit" plus alert now built in for the U.S. roads.  User settable.
  •  "Clearer display" on maps of trucking restricted roads and bridge heights and clearances, and weight restrictions.
  • Miss a turn? With fast automatic route recalculation, you will never be lost.

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