Rand camera for gps verion cam 2 truck or rv <--------Currently viewing this model
 Also see our low profile / license style here Camera for Rand Mcnally gps tablet rv or truck GPS-Cam3

Model:  DieselBoss GPS-Cam2
Camera for Rand McNally TND 730 GPSCamera for viewing on GPS screen
Shown above with the included clamp mount

GPS camera system for Rand McNally truck or RV
Shown above using included adjustable arm mount

Wireless trailer camera for Rand McNally GPS

Rear view camera for RV GPS camper
Shown above using included screw-down mount on an RV

tow trailer quick disconnect harness for TND GPS camera system Complete GPS rear view truck camera system for Rand McNally TND 720
Optional trailer tow cable (left) / Included components (right)
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Use your Rand McNally Truck OverDryve PRO, Tablet T70 or T80, TND720 or 730  trucking GPS or Rand McNally RVND 7720, 7725, 7730, 7735-LM, or RV Tablet 7 GPS for RV'ers as a camera monitor!  (not for OverDryve 7 RV, or TND540 & 740, or RVND 7)
120 degree wide view fills the GPS screen with the one tap on the navigation screen and one tap back.
Waterproof, color, Sharp® CCD lens, 420 TVL clear video image
Use in the passenger side blind spot, on the back of the truck or RV, or with the tow harness cable option to mount on the back of the trailer.
INCLUDES CLAMP-DOWN and BOLT-DOWN MOUNT.  Mount is completely adjustable so that you can point the camera in any direction, any angle.  Also, the camera itself can be bolted down directly to any surface without use of the ball-mount if desired.
18 infrared LED's for up to 50 feet of night vision even in total darkness.
INCLUDES cigarette lighter 12V power plug for camera power, and 2.5mm wire needed to simply plug into the side of a Rand McNally compatible model trucker's GPS or tablet.
Optional semi trailer tow-harness allows you to mount the camera on the back of a trailer. Trailer tow disconnect cable allows for 32 feet on the truck side, 65 feet on the trailer side, and 12 feet of stretch cable connector between the truck and trailer.
Bolt-down AND clamp-arm mounts are included with every version regardless of whether the tow harness option is chosen.

wireless camera option for Rand McNally truck or RV gps OR, go wireless!  Wireless option includes a long-range, industrial grade transmitter for the trailer side and a receiver for the pulling-rig cab near the GPS.  Remember that "wireless" does not mean "powerless."  You will still need to connect the camera transmitter on the trailer to 12 volts and ground (like a marker light) to give it power.  Click the picture to the left for info.

technical top - rand mcnally GPS cameraTECH-TIP!  Pre-measure your installation path so that you get the correct wire length.  Consider where you will be running the wires as this can add to the length requirement.  You can also always purchase extensions later from us to add into an existing installation.

Common cable length examples:
To a passenger side mirror (blind-spot) 16' recommended.
The back roof of a semi to view a flatbed load:  33' or 49' or wireless
The back of a 28' box truck or RV:  49' or wireless
The back of a longer box truck or RV:  65' or wireless
Back of a semi trailer or 5th wheel RV:  tow harness option or wireless

Included hardware and specs:
-  Sharp
® CCD full color camera (420 TVL)
-  Camera "ball mount" adjustable arm
-  "Bolt-down" and "Clamp-down" attachments
-  All necessary camera video and power cables

Additional with Wireless version:
-  Wireless Transmitter and wireless Receiver modules (see this link for picture)

Custom cables and options not shown here are available.  Call for details if needed.