4 channel multi-cam truck and bus DVR camera recording system 12 volts
Up to 4 channels of full-motion HD video recording at 1080P!

icon  GPS location antenna included (records speed and position for showing video location on Google maps during playback.
icon  "G-Shock" sensors built in to automatically flag and save videos during crashes and sharp driving events
icon  No monitor needed - view locally on any Wi-Fi capable device in the vehicle! (Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android)
icon  ULTRA-CRISP video in high definition means excellent ability to decipher lettering (like road signs, truck and trailer numbers, and license plates) when reviewing video after incidents!
icon  Continuous loop recording or "stop when full" options
icon  Three resolutions per channel (1920x1080, 1280x720, 960x540)
icon  H.264 video compression (.avi files)
icon  Supports up to 3 triggered inputs plus an emergency "panic" button
icon  Supports wired LAN or wireless LAN networking (built in)
icon  Overload, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection
icon  Emergency "panic button" to designate alarm video events by the driver
icon  Supports motion detection, overspeed detection, and "shock event" recording as well as scheduled time recording

All complete systems include the following:
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items 100-degree angle HD-Camera (or cameras) with bolt-down mounts as shown in the picture above (various mirror and/or monitor mounts are and optional extra.  Just discuss when ordering and we can help you mount anything-to-anything generally!)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items All necessary cables at the lengths that you specify while ordering.  Standard camera cable lengths are 9.5', 20', and 30' for a maximum of 60 feet if two of the long cables are ganged together.
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items 250 Gigabyte, 500 Gigabyte, 1 Terabyte sizes available. We use ALL SSD Hard drives for added durability! 
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items **OR you can choose no hard drive - record to SD card up to 128 Gb!**
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items INCLUDES an external GPS receiver antenna and built-in G-Shock sensor
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items Includes a removable hard drive bay drawer and cable to connect to a computer USB port for faster playback or video transfer to laptops.  Video can be transferred via Wi-Fi, but remember that wire will usually be faster.
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items Windows viewer application included (uses Google Maps when connected to the internet also to show video locations)

Use the "Online Estimate Maker" for a more exact system costs or alternate part options now 

OOIDA MEMEBERS receive a 5% discount on complete systems pricing - not applicable to labor

"Own now - pay later" business financing on this system is available.  Ask for details.

System Pricing:  Each configuration is custom assembled and tested by DieselBoss technicians prior to shipment, so please phone in your order so that we can discuss the cable lengths and other dimensions.

(Full Systems WITH a hard drive)
1-cam 250 Gb drive system:  $694.00
2-cam 250 Gb drive system:  $809.00
3-cam 250 Gb drive system:  $924.00
4-cam 250 Gb drive system: $1039.00

Optional add-ons: (add to your system price above)
- Outside mirror mount:  $45.00 ea
- 500 GB hard drive:  +$20 to full system*
- 1 TB SSD hard drive:  +$120.00 to full system*
- 2 TB SSD hard drive:  + $270 to full system*

Truck multi dash cam time recording hours chart
for the recording time differences between sizes)

All systems are hand-assembled custom for you and tested before leaving our Oregon facility!  1 - year replacement warranty & direct U.S. support from DieselBoss.com
* hard drive upgrade replaces the standard 250 GB

Waterproof IR backup or blindside hd camera for truck or RV

Hi-Res exterior camera for DieselBoss HD DVR systems  (wired only)
Inside / Outside Color Hi-Resolution CCD Cameras
(note: any combination of these two cameras can be used on any of the 4 DVR channels)

*  100° wide view / crisp clear HD color
*   HR1000 inside camera has built in audio mic
*   18 Infrared night-vision emitters provide for up to 75 feet of night vision even in total darkness (external model HR4000 only)
*   Waterproof, ruggedized all metal external casings
*   Up/Down, Forward or reverse image selectable in DVR settings
*   Anti-glare glass lens / 2 million pixels / Maxim sensor
*   Three possible camera cable lengths: 9.5ft / 20ft / 30ft
*   Bolt-down (standard) or clamping, suction, or swivel mounts (optional)
*   2 Million Pixels / Maxim chipset lens
*   WIRED cameras only.  No wireless option yet for HD systems.  (wireless option is available on our standard def systems here)

Hi res HD truck interior exterior camera for dash cam recording with microphone

Hi-Res interior (dash or windshield) camera for DieselBoss HD DVR systems (wired only)
Truck and Bus DVR with wifi wireless monitor 
(click picture to see how it works)
No dedicated monitor needed!  -  Wi-Fi to your device for viewing, playback, and backups

*   Built-in Wi-Fi in the DVR to connect your laptop, tablet, or smart device to for viewing!
*   Connect your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, or Mac device to view cameras
*   Device must be Wi-Fi capable and have a browser installed
*   View Live / View past video / Back up video wirelessly to your device

truck and car dvr video camera recording system with GPS and live remote viewing 
DB-1000-HD 4-channel DVR
(click to enlarge view)

Compact 12-volt mobile HD-DVR (digital video recorder model DB-1000-HD)
*  Only 1.25” high by 7" long by 5.5" wide (very compact!)
*  Records up to 4 channels in 1080P resolution each at up to 30 frames-per second each!
*  Number of recording days before over-writing oldest video again depends on hard drive size.  Click "Video Time Chart" link at the top of this page for times.
*  Ruggedized & shock-resistant, all metal industrial grade DVR. (14F degrees to 140F degrees operating temp range)
*  Removable key-lock hard drive bay and outer tamper lock box included.
*  2.5” hard drive for hundreds of hours recorded before over-writing, plus low heat, low power
  SD memory card slot and USB 2.0 ports for optional storage (up to 128 Gb size)
*  All cameras are powered by their wire into the DVR.  Only the DVR itself needs power wired from the vehicle

Vehicle car and truck viewer application for mobile DVR with Google Maps GPS position 
Additional Windows Advanced Viewer App

Software and included Windows AV Viewer application

*  Viewer software on the included USB flash drive to be installed on Windows computers.  The advanced viewer app shows time of day and date (calendar) display for easy searching of videos, the Google Maps GPS position show with the video, time, date, speed, and GPS location stamps on the video.
*  Sound on/off, and motion detection can be enabled for each camera individually.  External sensors for turn signals or other alarms can be attached and configured.  Sound is only available on cameras that are ordered specifically with microphones built in.
*  Automatic on/off recording can be configured for particular times of the day