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Small, rugged 12 volt mobile DVR for truck and car DVR with dimensions
Mobile truck video recorder time chart Video time chart
Car DVR removable hard drive quick release Hard drive bay (quick-release!)
Complete truck video recording system Complete system view
mirror mounted aout waterproof IR truck and RV camera Mirror-mounted (blindside) camera
Visor and dash monitor for vehicle mobile DVR camera system Visor or dash-mounted monitors
Quick disconnect camera system for semi trailer and RV Heavy tow cable / trailer connect
Quick disconnect camera system for semi trailer and RV Blindside truck video freeze

*  1 - year replacement warranty direct from

All systems are hand-assembled custom for you and tested before leaving our facility!


All complete systems include the following unless stated otherwise:
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items A 7" dash-cam color monitor with remote (visor-style monitors available too)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items Camera (or cameras) with bolt-down mounts (mirror mounts are optional extra)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items All necessary cables (except the optional trailer tow cable optional extra)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items WITH or WITHOUT DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items 250 Gigabyte, 500 Gigabyte, 1 Terabyte sizes available. We use ALL SSD Hard drives for added durability!  (see "Video Time Chart" for recording time differences between sizes)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items Wireless transmitter & receiver optional (very helpful for trailers!)
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items DVR option also comes with a GPS receiver antenna and I/R remote control extender antenna for DVR remote
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items DVR option includes a removable hard drive bay drawer and cable to connect to a computer USB port and Windows viewer application program
Truck mutiple camera dvr video camera recording included items You can add an optional "panic button" trigger wire to designate emergency videos.
What do CCD and CMOS and dash camera angles mean? Tech-Tip!  Click Here to understand what different camera lens and viewing angles really mean

WE NOW ALSO HAVE BATTERY-POWERED WIRELESS for temporary clamping to trailers (drop and hook drivers!)  Call us to discuss your particular requirements.  866-851-2346

OOIDA MEMEBERS receive a 5% discount on complete systems pricing - not applicable to labor
          Truck video camera demo videoDieselBoss truck multi camera DVR night video demo

Base System Pricing: Each configuration is custom assembled and tested by DieselBoss technicians prior to shipment, so please phone in your order so that we can discuss the cable lengths and other dimensions. 

NOTE! - we now have our new HD DVR systems in both 4 camera and 8 camera models.

Optional add-ons: (add to system price above)
- Wireless Transmitter/Receiver:  $179
- Trailer QD tow cable:  $89.95
- 4", 5",7", 9", and 10" monitors
- Outside mirror mount:  $45.00
- 500 GB hard drive substitution option
- 1 TB hard drive substitution option
- Extra hard drive bay drawer:  $29.00

Cameras:  Inside / Outside Color CCD Cameras

*  60°, 90°, 120°, 150° narrow and wide view lenses
*   Sony 700 TVL (high-res) and Sharp 420 TVL (standard-res) cameras available
*   18 Infrared night-vision emitters provide for up to 65 feet of night vision even in total darkness (outside cams)
*   Waterproof, ruggedized external casings
*   View set to point backward or forward
*   Anti-glare glass lens
*   Cable lengths from 3 ft to 86 ft
*   Bolt-down, clamping, swivel, or side fender/wall mounting options
*  Optional high sensitivity microphone with a toggle switch can be added to the interior cam.  This allows you to record sound in the cab and anyone near your window when you want to.

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truck and car dvr video camera recording system with GPS and removable hard drive
(DB-1000-SD model DVR)
Compact 12-volt mobile DVR (digital video recorder)

*  Only 2” high and  6” x 6 ” square
*  Records up to 4 channels seperately in D1 resolution (720x480 pixels per channel times 4 channels)
*  Number of recording days before over-writing oldest video again depends on hard drive size.  Click "Video Time Chart" link at the top of this page for times.
*  Ruggedized shock-mount with silicone anti-vibration contact grommets between the mount and the DVR body.
*  Removable key-lock hard drive bay
*  2.5” hard drive for hundreds of hours recorded before over-writing, plus low heat, low power
  SD memory card slot for optional storage
*  USB 2.0 interface port for recording to a USB flash drive or attaching a network adapter (wireless network antenna option available)
*  All camera and peripherals plug into the DVR.  All power to the cameras is supplied by the DVR connectors in the back for simple wiring and installation.

Color TFT monitor for mobile car and truck DVR video backup and recording
Color Monitor (included)

*  7” diagonal TFT Widescreen with remote control
*   480 X 234
resolution display (16X9 aspect)
*   Dash mounted and visor mounted versions
*   Video can be manually switched on the monitor using the DVR remote, automatically switch between cameras every few seconds, or QUAD-view.  Also, you can connect the included DVR sensor wire to things like reversing or turn signals to force the monitor to switch to various cameras automatically.

Wireless transmitter and receiver option

*  Click the picture to the left for an example
*  Long distance digital pairing, no interference video link, up to 300 feet!
*  Most helpful for cameras inside trailers, on trailers, or at the back of trailers and RV's
*  Use our monitor, or our recording system, or a camera-capable GPS to view in the cab

Trailer / Tow quick-disconnect (optional)

*   Female mountable sockets to trailer and tractor
   Standard sizing is a Sixty (60) foot cable on trailer side and a twenty-six (26) foot cable on tractor side
   12' Stretch-coil with male plugs - waterproof and ruggedized
*   Single and double trailer camera styles available

*   Cable lengths can be configured differently per your situation when ordering.
*  A fifth camera can be added by using the optional "switcher box" for situations like recording inside and outside of a trailer.  However both of those cameras will share one DVR channel so it will only be recording the camera you are switched onto.

Vehicle car and truck viewer application for mobile DVR with Google Maps GPS position
<click for larger view>
Software features and included viewer application (with DVR systems)*  Viewer software on the included USB flash drive to be installed on Windows computers.  The advanced viewer app shows time of day and date (calendar) display for easy searching of videos, the Google Maps GPS position shows with the video, time, date, speed, and GPS location stamps on the video.
*  Sound on/off is selectable if you have a microphone option.
*  Motion detection can be enabled for each camera individually.  External sensors for turn signals, panic button (optional,) or other alarms can be attached and configured.  Sound is only available on cameras that are ordered specifically with microphones built in.
*  Automatic on/off recording can be configured for particular times of the day