Our latest and best yet!  We took all of your suggestions and rolled them into one, new super-cam!
DieselBoss DB5-HD dual truck dash is the best windshield cam for truckers

  Choose "SINGLE CAM" or "DUAL" version at checkout 
   FREE 64 gb CARD is INCLUDED!  (expandable up to 256 GB!) 

NIGHT-TIME NOTE:  Both cameras operate very well in low light with HDR technology, but still require some
form of light to record images (headlights, street lamps, moon, license plates, etc.)

free android ios mobile app for viewing and backing up video dash cmeraaDiesel Boss DB5 dual truck windshield and dash cam with HD and wireless

* Second cam is optional during checkout and can always be added later for $30 if you wish
PERFECT for school and passenger bus drivers to record forward and passengers too!

DB5-HD Single or Dual 4K / 2K / 1080p 60 fps High Def Truck Dash Camera
(with wireless phone connect & GPS position)Diesel Boss DB5 truck windshield dashcam with 1080 4k hd and wireless wifi cell connect

$129.99 - Single / $159.99 - Dual

(first) Choose single or dual version  
(then) Choose included SD card size 

$11.95 US Postal Priority Mail is added during checkout for fast 2-3 day shipping anywhere in the U.S.  Canadian orders phone in for today's FedEx rates please.
dot NOTE:  larger cards can be purchased when you add to cart.  Larger card replaces the free 64 GB.  Only $35 for 128 GB and $55 for 256 GB!

If you just need the second camera with 20 ft cable only for a DB5 that you ordered previously, use this button -->    for $30 plus $8.95 USPS Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.

What's Included:
dot Main body High-Def (4K/2K/1080p) HD windshield camera with suction mount
dot Secondary Standard-Def mini cam with 20ft cable (OPTIONAL, if ordered)
dot 8ft long 12v cigarette jack power cord (not shown)
dot USB to mini-USB computer connecting wire
dot 64 Gb Class 10 high-speed mini-SD card with adapter unless larger card is chosen
dot Free mobile APP (Android / iOS) for wireless connection, playback, and backups
dot Extensive tech manual instructions and lifetime support.  (download -->  HERE if you have lost your guide)

Recommended HD camera for truckers with hd and shock crash sensor

Download and save the DB5-HD cam brochure PDF file by clicking here

Specs and Features:

cam-specs  Up to Ultra-High Resolution (2880x2160 FULL 4K Sony Lens with WDR!) video and audio recording (24 - 120 fps!) 170° wide view main cam with H.264 compression MP4. (Also is a 12 MP still camera when needed!)  This is the best windshield and dash cam ever designed for truckers on the market.
cam-specs  Optional 1080P Interior/Exterior 2nd Camera: A second optional waterproof camera includes 20 feet of cable for mirror or rear mounting, or record the interior driver cabin for example. (140° / 1080p / Sony / ip67)
cam-specs  Eight video size modes! 2880x2160 (UHD-4K, 24 FPS), 2560x1440 (QHD-2K, 30 FPS), 1920x1080 (FHD, 60 FPS), 1920x1080 (FHD, 30 FPS), 1920x1080 X 2 (FHD, 30 FPS dual cam only), 1280x720 (HD-720P, 120 FPS), 1280x720 (HD-720P, 60 FPS), and 1280x720 (HD-720P, 30 FPS)
cam-specs  4.0" vivid color IPS video screen built-in with on-screen menus and large, rugged buttons
cam-specs  Seamless video: Record 3, 5, or 10-minute segments and have it loop over when card is full (see chart)
cam-specs  Time, date and GPS Location are optionally stamped on the video itself.
cam-specs  Recording starts automatically when you turn on power to the vehicle (12V socket) and turns off when you remove power unless you plug it into an "always on" socket in your rig.
cam-specs  Records on a Micro SD memory card (64GB card included, expandable up to 256GB!)
Note: Higher Quality and higher frame-rate settings use up space more quickly.
cam-specs  Built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to about 20 - 30 minutes of recording when unplugged.
cam-specs  Free Android & iOS app allows you to remotely connect to the camera and playback or download your videos (Playback and download can also be done on a computer using the included USB Cable.)
cam-specs  G-Shock emergency sensor recording. (English, French, Spanish, Russian languages supported)
cam-specs  Rugged, suction style mounting for easy removal and relocation.