DieselBoss Truck and RV Camera and Dash Recorder Systems Tips Page

Symbol key: 
yes means that it is designed to do this out of the box
no  means that it cannot do this

sort-of  this symbol means that the model can do this under specific circumstances. 
 Click the symbol for further detail in the chart below.
Model DB-U2000/4000
or DB-TH4000

truck multi-cam 12 volt DVR recorder with cameras  

Model DB-5
single or dual cams

dieselboss db5 windshield cam review specifications 
Up to 2 cameras on DB5 model, 4 cameras on DB-U2000/U4000 models and 8 cameras on TH-4000 model yes yes 
Recorded videos are in high definition quality (720p, 960p, or 1080p) (DB5 can also do 4K) yes yes 
Can read small words (like license plates) on recorded videos reading license plates truck or car camera system mobile              reading license plates truck or car camera system mobile            
Records GPS position and speed for playing back on a Google map later yes yes 
Has wireless camera option (using optional wirelesss transmitter/receiver) yes no 
Contains a "G-Shock" sensor yes yes 
Can have a dedicated, wired monitor yes Built in 
Can use Wi-Fi to view the cameras to your Apple or Android phone or tablet no yes 
Wi-Fi capable no yes 
Can be viewed remotely (if buyer has a mobile cellular router, or internet device like a JetPack, or has a cell phone capable of becoming a "hotspot") no no 
Has "motion detection" recording capability no no 
Has "triggering" capability [switches cameras in view or records certain camera(s) when a wire is triggered] yes no 
Can record many days or weeks of stored video depending on hard drive size yes no 
Good for recording either inside, or outside, or both on the tractor (truck) yes yes 
Good for at least one camera to be on back of a trailer that gets sometimes disconnected from the towing truck yes no 


  Camera angle compared  All angles compared (top-view)
 150 degree windshield camera angle compared  150 Degree (Ultra-Wide angle)
 120 degree ccd camera angle  120 Degree (Wide angle)
 120 degree ccd camera angle   60 Degree (Narrow angle)

CCD windshield cam at night  CCD lens at night
CMOS type dash cam at night  CMOS lens at night

Note:  there is virtually no discernable difference between a good CCD and a good CMOS in day conditions.  CCD has better night clarity, but a larger body.  CMOS gets some grain at night, but has smaller size (mini) body.

dash cam for reading liceense plates Tech-Tip!  Reading plates using standard def or high def camera difference
Standard definition truck camera recorder image

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