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Technical support on anything you purchased at DieselBoss is always free!  You can contact us Mon-Fri from 8-6 Pacific Time zone at 866-851-2346.  Or you can contact us via the web forms at THIS LINK
Frequently Asked Questions:
A.  CoPilot Truck Laptop GPS program:
1.   I have a Co-Pilot Truck GPS program.  Where can I find online help and updates for this program? 

Answer:   For Co-Pilot Truck 9 you use the "Main Menu / My CoPilot / News and Updates" button inside of the program itself.  Also see the next answer below.   Note that there are no longer future map updates for Version 8 and Version 11

2.   I bought CoPilot Version 9 from DieselBoss.  How to I upgrade it to the new 2019 maps version?
Answer:  Call us at 866-851-2346, or send a download link request WITH YOUR CURRENT VERSION 9 KEY IN THE MESSAGE on our SUPPORT CONTACT PAGE.
3.  I forgot my CoPilot password, so how do I reset it? 
Use this link-    https://my.copilotgps.com/

4.  I want a live traffic subscription for CoPilot.  Where do I buy that?
One year subscriptions are available by purchasing a traffic key at this link:  https://copilottruck.com/en-us/store/

5.   I have Co-Pilot Truck and want to report a map update, missing address, or routing issue.

Answer:  Use this link for instructions

6.  How do I enter a support ticket with CoPilot (ALK) company?
Answer:  Enter a new support ticket by CLICKING HERE.

7.  What is the main support page for CoPilot?
Answer:  It is HERE.  Remember that if you bought CoPilot from DieselBoss, call us and we can solve most issues directly.

8.  Are there any updates for PC Miler Navigator GPS units?
Answer:   NO.  That model was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2012 in favor of making it an app for iPhone and Android instead.

B.  Rand McNally TND and RVND GPS:
1.  How do I register my Rand McNally GPS for Lifetime maps and Updates? 
   Use the Dock Software application found here -->   HERE. 
2.  How do I get the updates for my Rand McNally GPS? 
   You install and use the "Dock" software found  HERE. 
3.  Are there downloadable guides and support FAQ's for these units? 
   Yes.  For support documents related to Rand products, CLICK HERE.
4.  What is the Rand factory support and warranty repair phone number?
Answer:  877-446-4863
C.  TV and Satellite Antennas:
1.  Is there an online support page for the King VuQube, Tailgater, and Quest satellite systems?
2.  What is the factory support and warranty service phone number for KING BRAND products?
Answer:  952-922-6889

3.  Where is the factory support page for WINEGARD products?
It is HERE.

4.  How do I find which free over-the-air signals are near me?
D.  What anti-virus and anti-spyware does DieselBoss recommend?
  best antivirus promo code vipre for truck driver
The BEST SOLUTION is to use VIPRE by clicking the box to the left.  You can also use it immediately without paying on the free trial to get protected:

For FREE solutions, we recommend Avira or Avast.

TIP!  Use the free MalwareBytes to clean systems that you think may already be infected.  
E.  Internet SpeedTest  ----------->          Open SpeedTest.net with this link
F.  I need more memory for my laptop computer.  Where does DieselBoss recommend that I get it?

Answer:  DieselBoss has had great success with a memory company called "Crucial."  They have excellent prices and fast shipping. 
The Crucial System Scanner takes the guesswork out of upgrading your memory.

G.  How can I see a good map showing me the cell phone coverage from various phone provider networks? 

Answer:  Here is a good link for that  ---->  Click Here (opensignal.com)
Remote Support (click when asked by a technician)  ---->   Remote  
File Links:   ------>