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Trucker services, truck stop, weigh stations, repair, scales, location finder directory
Free truck stop and trucker services directory location finder app
Truckstop directory book and exit service directory download and cd
  "The Trucker's Friend Truck Stop Directory"
<2017 BOOK Version> 
"National Trucker's Service Directory"
<2013 BOOK Version>
"The Next Exit" - national exit guide
<2020 BOOK Version>

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2017 truckers friend national truck stop directory guide book
$15.95 <view>

National trucker service directory truck stop book
$10.99 <view>

2019 The Next Exit highway guide book for truckers and RV travelers
$19.95 <view>
Truck stops list (US and Canada) Over 6500 Over 7000 (US only) Over 7000
Pages: 384 336 560
Weigh stations / scales: Yes Yes Yes
State agency info: Yes No No
Emergency weather and road numbers: Yes No No
Truck Wash Locations  Yes No No
State permit numbers: Yes No No
Semi truck / trailer repair centers and mobile repair with phone numbers. No No No
Restaurants and Motels: Yes Yes
Internet hotspots in truck stops: Yes Yes No
ALL businesses, stores, hospitals, motels, restaurants, etc. within one mile of the exit. No No Yes
State maps showing major highways, fuel stops, and weigh stations / scales Yes No Yes
(does not show scales or truck stops on the maps)
Expanded truck stop info (parking size, showers, ATM, TripPak, service and repair, truck wash, towing, tires, lounge, fax, etc.) Yes Yes No
RV info (parking, propane, septic dump, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Fuel card info Yes Yes No
CAT scale locations Yes Yes No
Wal-Marts Yes Yes Yes
Zip codes, area codes Yes No No
Listed by exit number and name Yes Yes Yes
Rest area locations No Yes Yes
SpeedCo Store locations Yes No No
Pilot Car listings No No No
Trucking restricted route info No No No
Transportation broker listings No No No
Low underpass locations No No No
DieselBoss advice to drivers when looking at this page:
For professional truck drivers: we find that you will have the most information that you need by getting one of the truck stop services books.  This gives you information most applicable to your job.  In addition the "Next Exit" book is helpful to have as supplemental information about what else is within 1 mile of the exit other than truck services.  This could be addition useful businesses like a Best Buy, or a post office, etc that are not in the truck stop books.  The blue "Trucker's Friend" brand has more info about each location, but we caution that the font is smaller than the yellow "Trucker's Directory" as a result.

For RV drivers and other non-trucker road warriors:  The "Next Exit" guide gives you all of the businesses that you may want to know about at each exit, including where you can get fuel.  The truck stop books are additionally helpful for RV drivers who have large rigs that require diesel fuel, propane, and rest area dump locations.