You get paid now - we'll do the waiting and collecting for you 

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"Find out what "factoring" is and how does it help my trucking business.
Are you tired of invoicing clients, handling collections, and waiting 30, 60, or more days to get paid?
Are you a trucking company - large or small?

Why use us for your factoring needs:
Rock-Solid American company since 1986
Multi-million dollar financial foundation
Get working capital now for expenses or expansion
DOES NOT show up as a bank-type loan on your credit
No complicated or extensive requirements
A plan built for you based on your needs
Free credit checks on your clients
Minimize your financial risk for bad debt
Instant online and telephone access to your account

Get control of your receivables TODAY

Here's how it works:

    Step 1:  Sign up!  Fill out a short application below or call in to 866-851-2346 to reach us right now.   We will put you in touch with a factoring agent who will complete the process with you so that you will begin receiving your money now.

    Step 2:
      Turn over your accounts receivable to us and we act as your collector.
    Step 3:
      You get paid for that invoice normally within 24 hours from selling us the receivable or purchase order.

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