Compact 12-volt dc to 120-volt AC car and truck power inverters

(NOTE:  we also do inverter installs of any size at our shop in Oregon)

Option 1 - 400 watt Power Inverter
(has 2 120V plug-in sockets PLUS one USB socket)
400 watt truck power inverter for laptop gaming xbox ps4
400 watt dual socket truck or car power with bonus USB charging port

Only $29.95 for 400 watts Dual Sockets PLUS USB!

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  • DC cable with clips (to connect direct to battery or internal wiring) (3ft)
  • DC cable with lighter plug (to plug into existing vehicle 12V sockets) (3ft)

Product Features

  • Portable power for AC products rated up to 400 watts
  • Two AC receptacles for connecting multiple loads
  • One USB receptacle for MP3 players, GPS, etc
  • Small Profile for easy storage
  • LED indicator and On/Off switch

Protection Features

  • Overload and over temperature shutdown
  • Over voltage protection (15.0 VDC)
  • Low voltage shutdown (10 VDC)

Product Applications

  • Household applications: small appliances and portable work light
  • Entertainment electronics: video game console, TV's, and stereo
  • Office equipment: desktop computer system, laptop, printer and fax

Continuous AC output power


400 watts

Maximum AC output surge power


800 watts

AC output voltage


110 VAC

AC output frequency


60 Hz +/- 2 Hz

AC output waveform


Modified sine wave




Battery drain with no AC load (at 12V input)


<.3 A

DC input voltage range


10 – 15 VDC

USB Output Voltage   5V

Dimensions (H x W x L)


2" x 5" x 5.5""



1.8 lb (.8 kg)

Option 2 - 150 Watt Power inverter
(has 1 120V plug-in socket PLUS a USB socket)

150 watt power inverter cigarette plug trucker

150 watt vehicle power inverter with USB charging port

Only $18.95 for 150 watts plus USB!

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This convenient vehicle power inverter plugs into any 12V socket in your car or truck and converts to AC voltage for powering your devices.

Example for uses:

  • Laptop Computers and Printers
    Cell phone charging
    Small TV or DVD player
    USB socket built-in too for charging GPS's and MP3 Players!

  • Specifications:

    • Output power: 150W
    • Output peak power:  300W
    • Input voltage: DC 12V  (working voltage 11 - 15V)
    • Output voltage: AC 110 (60 Hz)
    • USB output voltage:  5V (800 mA)
    • Input overvoltage protection at >15V
    • Fuse:  20A
    • Output waveform: modified sine wave

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