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Truck Driver Services

Drivers and Companies
- - ACCOUNTING SERVICES with personal attention to YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS in the trucking industry are so hard to find.  WHY use BOK AccountingBecause DieselBoss does!  We are the preferred tax preparation and accounting company of DieselBoss, Inc.  Click to see how affordable, reliable, and EASY it can be for you too!  Click --->  BOK Accounting
Sky Transport Solutions
 On line services for: trucking permits, fuel tax / IFTA, IRP apportioned plates. Oregon PUC, ICC / MC Authority, DOT filing, BOC3 filing, California CA Number

Driver's daily log book, trip envelopes, bill of lading, imprinted carbonless forms for the trucking industry  Driver's daily log book, trip envelopes, bill of lading, imprinted carbonless forms for the trucking industry


Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair - 24/7/365 mobile semi truck and trailer repairs.  We carry a huge inventory of all major truck and trailer parts, including tires.  We service Flint, Fenton, Pontiac, Lapeer, and Saginaw, Michigan.
Rate-N-Roll:  Very inexpensive trucking software for owner-operators and small to mid-sized trucking companies and private fleets. Know your costs before you even turn the key! Instantly calculate freight rates and generate rate quotes like a professional. Easy to use and no additional computer required. And it won't cost you thousands of dollars like other systems do. Also have freight broker software to help small freight brokers!

Tractor Trailer Washing - JIM MFG., Inc. provides a high quality and uniform Brush Wash every time! With the Vader I System, your crew is able to remove the road film, soot and chemical deposits that non-brush washes leave behind. After a few washes your fleet will be easier to keep clean with a smooth, hard surface restored.

Truckers Logic -  Truckers Logic provides resources and information on trucking news, jobs, training, CDL, forums, books, driving schools and much more

Laptop GPS World - PC GPS software reviews and discussions

Trucker Forum - Trucking industry online discussion community board.
T&T Mobile Truck Repair - Providing mobile repair service for truckers, RVers and construction equipment in Mid Michigan
Across America Trucking Services - We offer MC Authority, US DOT #'s, oversize permits, and IFTA fuel tax processing services to trucking companies, buses and tow trucks. We also offer NY HUT, KYU #, NM Tax ID, OR permits and UCR registration. If you need a license or permit, we can get it.

Trucker Lawyers.com
TruckerBuddy.org - This is a neat organization that puts Drivers in touch with a "pen-pal" classroom.  You are assigned to a classroom somewhere in the country and they "adopt" you.  You get letters from them and their teacher uses your letters or e-mail describing your experiences out on the road to teach the kids.  It's a good deal if you have the urge to help out the kids and get letters back (especially if you get them to set it up via E-Mail so you can keep in touch on the road.)