DieselBoss® mount bracket options for satellite TV on trucks

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Lifetime warranty on all bracket parts directly through DieselBoss

Winegard Pathway X1 or G2 carryout truck mount       USA mounting bracket          King tailgater bracket mount for trucks                    Truck mount for Winegard carryout G2 or Pathway x1 satellite on truck                 lifetime warranty mount       Vu Qube Tailgater or Flex mount for truck satellite TV

Option 1:  Back of Truck Mount Bracket for Winegard and older VuQubes
Models:  DB-Bolt-On  and  DB-No-Drill

  • FOR WINEGARD G2 & G2+ / Winegard X1 / WINEGARD D4 & T4, or King VuQube V10 models ONLY!
  • Drill or "No Drill" attachment methods  (see our installation page for specific methods)
  • 2 inches up and down final adjustment (bolt-on version)
  • 4 inches "in-and-out" horizontal final adjustment (both versions)
  • Solid and light aluminum construction (powder-coated black)
  • 55% LIGHTER THAN THE FACTORY bracket and easier to install!
  • Bolt-on method requires that you EITHER be able to drill through the back wall to the inside using your bolts, OR use our INCLUDED COMPRESSION nut and bolt mounting kit.  (the compression nut kit can be ordered with the mount on the right, or separately at the bottom of this page if you already have a mount.)
  • NOT for King Tailgater, Flex, or Quest.  (see next mount for those)
  • SAVE over $50 on this mount when ordered bundled with the Winegard satallites at ---> this link.

    why no drill mount sales

bracket mount for Winegard Pathway ad G2 tv antenna for truck
Sliding Mounting Bracket (bolt-on version)
CHOOSE drill or no-drill version below
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NOTE!  the "bolt-on" bracket" already includes the compression nut and bolt kit if you add to cart here!

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Add-on item:  Air Gap Kit
Model: DB-AG1

  • Close up to 24-inch air gaps to hang your bracket onAir gap closing kit for truck satellite TV dome.  Actual kit is powdercoated black and not bare aluminum as in this demo
  • Slides up or down for perfect height positioning
  • Uses included compression nuts (see below) to attach to roof
  • Includes all hardware to also connect to the top lip also
  • Drilling for compression nuts and top lip required
  • For use with the DieselBoss, Winegard, or King back of truck mounts sold separately above on this page
  • Works with the OEM manufacturer's mounts found at their sites or Amazon, etc.

Click picture on right to see the air gap kit animated demo

Air gap satellite truck kit for Winegard, Tailgater, and Flex Vu Qubes
DieselBoss Satellite Air Gap kit for trucks
(for use with drill mount sold separately above)

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Add-on item:  Compression nut and bolt kit

  • NOTE!  If you are buying the "Drill" style bracket at the top of this page, it WILL ALREADY HAVE this nut and bolt kit included.
  • This kit is an option for those not wishing to drill through into their sleeper
  • Contains 5 stainless steel BOLTS, BUS, WASHERS, and EXPANDING COMPRESSION NUTS
  • Requires that you drill 5 one-half inch holes to the back wall of your truck matching bolt pattern of where you are going to place one of our bolt-on style brackets above.  Also works with any standard King Controls bracket for VuQube, Tailgater, and Flex
  • The compression nuts expand like rivets into the back wall and hold the bolts securely without needing to drill clear into the sleeper.  Completely installed from the outside without needing a second person or taking apart anything in the sleeper
Compression nut kit for attaching satellite TV bracket to back of truck
Add-On item:  Compression nut & bolt kit for attaching to the back wall of a truck from the outside
- this kit already comes with all of our drill-style brackets on this page

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