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Model - RAM-316-HDR-202-GMU
(reverse configuration)

This model fits:
Universal Mount (multiple vehicle types where there is not a specific model listed on our site.)
Uses your existing seat bolt.  See videos below

Ram POD HD universal seat bolt tablet mount stand for truck or car

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Comes complete with optional stabilizer foot.  Does not include any tablet ot phone tray.

Ram POD HD Vehicle Tablet Stand and Mount
Fully Adjustable /  Rugged and Durable  /  Easy Installation / Lifetime Warranty

$139.99 (NO sales tax)
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Description of the Ram POD HD-316-HDR-GMU Universal vehicle tablet mount

This No-Drill™ Tablet Mounting System consists of a universal base ratcheting plate assembly at the bottom.  You will temporarily remove one of your existing seat bolts at the floor to attach this base plate.  Then a vertical pole comes upward, followed by a double-socket arm and 1.5" ball at the top.  Total height from the floor to your device will be about 22 inches.  The base plate is slotted to align it best in your vehice on your floor depending on what other consoles, etc. are near.  PLEASE SEE THE VIDEOS on this page for more detailed description and installation.

MATERIAL: (Made in the USA)
Powder Coated Steel
High-strength Composite

Highly Versatile:
- Angle adjustment feature to compensate for varying floorboard angles
- Can be used as a horizontal or vertical flat surface drill-down mount
- Aluminum post can be cut to size in order to accommodate varying vehicle configurations
- Pole Length= Minimum: 18.75” / Maximum: 25.75”
- Attaches using an existing seat rail bolt or seat track
- Remove the upper portion of the mount with the turn of one knob, creating valuable space in the cab when the mount is not in use