The DieselBoss DRIVER & EQUIPMENT DATES Spreadsheet!
Now you can keep track of all of your reminders in one place for all drivers, equipment, and DOT requirements!

IMPORTANT!  You must have Microsoft Excel┬« 97 or Higher installed on a WINDOWS computer for this spreadsheet to function!  This program is found on the Microsoft Office┬« CDROM or purchased separately from Microsoft.  It contains VB macros so it DOES NOT WORK ON MACS.

  How it works:

     You enter the driver name or equipment description
     You then enter an event that has a specific date
     Then you enter the date that the event will expire on
     This simple form will compare the date on your computer to all of the dates in your compliance tracker and will turn the cells RED that are showing you events that become due!
     Track up to 1000 drivers and 1000 pieces of equipment! 
     Track up to 7 different events or evolutions for each driver or equipment!
     Track multiple companies, multiple pieces of equipment, and multiple DOT driver requirements
     The database is sort-able at any time
     Unlimited years of service - no further purchases 

Click the first image below for "Equipment View" and the second one for "Personnel View" examples:
Compliance date tracker company equipment spreadsheet  employee date tracking spreadsheet


Instant download for MS Excel (nothing is sent in the mail)

DieselBoss Driver PLUS Equipment Date Compliance Tracker Spreadsheet

Only $19.95 (one time)

reusable forever

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1.  Save time
2.  Give you one location to track all of your assets with events that have expiration dates.
3.  Keep you from incurring fines levied upon your company for some types of delinquent events that expire.



     Truck and trailer maintenance
     Driver scheduled appointments
     Driver qualifications or license renewals
     Equipment inspections
     IRP Renewals
     ANYTHING that has a recurring date renew

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