Driver's Logs MADE EASY!
Overview What it looks like Video Demonstration Download free trial Pricing and upgrades
Eclipse Logbook ($59.99) per driver*
* You can put in multiple drivers on one program on the same computer, but you will have to purchase another license for each.
Includes a year of online backups and guaranteed changes to any rules that the DOT may do.
Upgrade Pack (1 year) ($19.99) (see notes below for more info)
50% off for early renewals. ($39.99 if you choose not to purchase an upgrade pack with 15 days after expiration.  You do NOT have to buy an upgrade pack for it to keep working.  It just guarantees you new versions if the DOT changes the rules.)
Optional Digitized Signature (FREE) (see notes below for more info)
Sign DVIR and logs on-screen with a click-and-drag. (LEGAL signature method per DOT rules!)
Optional USB GPS receiver:  This USB or Bluetooth device allows the log to automatically enter the closest town during log entries.  Details on receiver/antennas can be found HERE.  (NOT required for the log program to work)


Notes and frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are There Upgrades?

We constantly work with our users to design new features and add them to the system.  Upgrades include new features, enhancements to existing features, changes to the DOT regulations and bug fixes.

How Can I Get Upgrades?

You get a free ONE YEAR Upgrade Pack with your initial purchase. Any new releases during that time are yours for free.

After that introductory period, you can purchase one-year Upgrade Packs (for only $19.99 at the time or expiration or $39.99 down the road) at any time when you see new features or functionality that you would like. These Upgrade Packs entitle you to all Upgrades for one year from the date of purchase. Upgrades are available via internet download at no charge as long as the upgrade pack is not expired.  Upgrade packs also continue your ability to back your logs up to our web server if you like.

Pricing and Discounts

Upgrade Packs are available for $19.99 for a one-year Upgrade Pack if you renew within 15 days of the end of your prior Upgrade Pack, or $39.99 after that.

IS this program an ELD (electronic logging device)

NO.  An ELD is required to be connected to your engine computer and cannot be edited without much effort.  This program is a paper replacment for those who are not required to have an ELD.  You can edit your logs in this program however you need to.

Do I need a printer in the cab?

While many inspectors are comfortable reviewing logs on your computer, you will need to generate hard-copy logs to be safe.

If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, you can either copy your logs to paper by hand, or buy a cheap printer (usually for $40-$80 for a black & white inkjet at Staples or Best Buy, etc.)

In our discussions with field auditors, most say that if your printer is not working during an inspection, they would allow you to transcribe your logs by hand to paper. Therefore it's a good idea to keep a spare blank logbook with you in case you need to surrender logs and you're experiencing printer problems.

How do I create a printable or emailable PDF file of my log sheet to send to someone via email?

Install the free PDF maker app called "CutePDF" from here:  CutePDF Writer freeware.  When you have successfully installed a PDF maker on your computer, then it will show up in the list of printers in your LogBook program.  So instead of printing to a physical printer, when you click "File / Print Log" inside of Eclipse choose "CutePDF Writer" as your printer.  It will now ask you to choose a folder and to name that file.  Once you have saved your log sheet with this method, you can email it to anyone as an attachment and they will have the log sheet that you sent.

What is a "Digitized Signature?"

The program allows for a one-click feature to enter your signature into the DIR and Log Sheets.  It has a "drawing tool" that will allow you to sign using your mouse, but the automatic signature is easier and quicker.  After purchasing and registering, you will be able to send your signature by postal mail or by fax.  We will scan your signature and add it into your program for you.

What log forms do you offer? What if my company has a special form?

The software ships with our standard FMCSA-compliant log-form.

If your company requires a special form we can have it installed on your system automatically. We do need contact information from someone at your carrier so that we can get the artwork and permission to use it. Contact us for details.

Can team drivers share a laptop?

Yes. You can purchase and install as many licenses on a single laptop as you want, and each license is independent so you can split to different computers in the future if your team situation changes. Just click the small down-arrow beside the driver name to add additional drivers.

When you purchase a license or a signature, you need to make sure you are logged in as the correct user at the website before making your purchase.  Each additional driver requires the purchase of an additional license.

How does your Certified Fax service work when submitting logs to my carrier?

This service lets you fax logs to your carrier instantly from anywhere you have an internet connection (truck, hotel, truck-stop, home, etc.). You do NOT need a phone line, fax modem, or any special equipment, but you DO need your carrier's sponsorship for this service.

We can track delivery of logs sent by Certified Fax, so you'll never have to worry about being blamed for lost logs again! If your company is interested in adding logbook audit via the internet, click HERE for details on that service.

Does the optional GPS make the system an on-board recorder or ELD (AOBRD)?

No. GPS is for convenience only (it detects and types your current location into the Remarks section of the log). Eclipse Logbook does NOT meet the requirement for on-board recorders which must document continuous location information. This is because the GPS functionality is ONLY enabled when the driver has Eclipse Logbook running on their computer AND has the GPS device attached.  Our in-cab USB GPS receiver is a perfect addition for this HERE.

Am I guaranteed audit-proof if I use Eclipse Logbook?

Eclipse Logbook can help you drive legally and prepare compliant logs, and the Eclipse Technical Inc. audit has been used to audit, error free, over 1 billion logs at over 3,000 trucking companies and auditors. However, we can not verify the information you present using Eclipse Logbook, nor can we predict future FMCSA interpretations, so all risk of compliance with the regulations is assumed by the user.

If you ever feel you've been unfairly accused of a violation, the Eclipse Technical Inc. support staff has worked extensively with FMCSA auditors and will be glad to provide assistance in explaining our audits to enforcement officers (limited assistance is free; extensive support may be done at additional charge).

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In order to register and buy the program you must first download and install it from our DOWNLOAD PAGE.  After evaluating the program you can easily purchase and register directly from within it.  You will need an internet connection at that time, but you DO NOT need any type of internet connection in your truck to use the program.