1.  These Excel spreadsheets do NOT calculate your state mileage.

 You must have your state mileage as written down by the driver, or from your on-board mileage tracking unit, or you can use a program like the STATE MILEAGE CALCULATOR at --> THIS LINK to calculate those miles or kilometers to then enter the totals into this spreadsheet

2.  Canadian orders, please phone in your order

3.  You must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher on a WINDOWS computer (not a MAC) to use these spreadsheets.  It DOES NOT work with Open Office or Libre Office. 


All you do is:  enter the IFTA miles that your truck (or trucks) drove in each jurisdiction, gallons purchased, and the tax rate for the jurisdiction.
Printable pages for permanent files. NOTE: these spreadsheets do NOT fill out the state form for your state.  You use them to do the MATH and then you transfer the totals to your state form.

  •  - OR VISIT OUR IFTA web site version at ---->  THIS LINK.

  • Make entries by trip number, by day, by week, by month, OR put in an entire quarter all at once on the reusable versions.  (The single quarter version requires that you enter all miles and gallons for a particular jurisdiction as one entry per state and not "per trip.)


   See the screenshots below of the 5-truck version outlining the 5 easy steps to getting the correct numbers for your state or province return.  All versions work the same way and are reusable very quarter except for the $9.95 single quarter only version  That version requires that you enter the total combined miles and gallons for your fleet or truck on one screen and the rates are hard-coded for the quarter indicated:

Main IFTA calculator switchboard page Ifta Miles entry page Fuel tax gallons/liters entry sheet

1. Enter trucks

2. Miles Entry Page

3. Fuel entry page

Get tax rates IFTA tax 5-truck program final report Individual truck report summaries
4. Get current rates 5.  Final Report Truck report page


Remember that the government wants you to report all of your truck miles driven in each state during the quarter!

Most of those filing have their fuel purchase receipts, but many still have the very time-consuming task of gathering all of the MILEAGE by state correctly for their trucks.

Here are basically 3 ways to do it:
A) Use on on-board tracking device on the trucks, like OURS HERE.
B) Have the driver write down their odometer readings as they driver and pass state lines.
C) Have the drivers use a mileage recording GPS, like the Rand McNally here
D)  Use a mileage routing program with a state-by-state miles breakdown report, like our CoPilot Truck version 8 HERE.

Tip!:  An easy truck route map program to calculate state mileage is at THIS LINK

Tip!:  The cheapest and easiest way to track and get your truck IFTA fuel tax miles is at THIS LINK


Dear DieselBoss,  
I bought your program IFTA Road Tax Calculator.  I have just done my first IFTA return with your program, AWESOME!!! What would have taken me 3 hours to calculate, check and recheck, only took me
11 minutes to do. Thank you so much!! My business volume will be able to expand radically.

Sandra Taylor
Safety Managers of Colorado


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for only $9.95 - 2021 1st Quarter U.S. ONLY version  / for one truck or to enter the total combined gallons and miles of your fleet.  Only can be used for the quarter indicated because the rates change.  Rates are for gallons/miles but not for liters/kilometers) (1st Quarter, 2021 ONLY spreadsheet!)

Download instructions:  At the conclusion of your purchase you will be taken immediately to your download link.  ALSO, you will be sent 2 emails - one with your purchase receipt and once again a link to get your download. If you have any questions, just call us and we will assist.  There is nothing mailed to you.

DieselBoss IFTA Calculation Form
is easy to use and will…

1.  Save time - A LOT of time...
2.  Save money
3.  Perform fuel tax calculations by jurisdiction
4.  Total miles traveled
5.  Calculates total due/refund
6.  Enter your fleet miles per gallon and all taxes will be calculated automatically.
7.  There are individual truck reports for EACH TRUCK showing amounts owed in each jurisdiction and the total owed or credited. (except in the single-quarter Quick-Calculator which is just one sheet for you to enter the TOTALS for your truck or fleet.)
8.  The tax rate per gallon for each jurisdiction can be changed as needed
9.  Each quarter can be saved and you clear the form for a new quarter’s entries (except in the single-quarter Quick-Calculator which is just one sheet for you to enter the TOTALS for your truck or fleet.)
10. All calculations are automatic and are ready for you to enter the totals on your jurisdiction form.


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