Contains driver accounting Contains driver IFTA calculator 2021 Trucker Accounting & IFTA
(one driver or a team version)

To be used by a single driver or a team to calculate your IFTA fuel taxes and to track your expenses and pay for one year.  Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher to operate.

(there is a free sample of this spreadsheet here: 
trial accounting/ifta.  This is a zipped file so you will need to extract it somewhere on your computer to try it)


Contains driver accounting Accounting sheet features:

  • Trip pay miles (loaded and empty)
  • Your fuel costs
  • Truck maintenance and other expenses
  • Business deductions.
  • Virtually any category of expenses that you want.  It is customizable so that you can enter your own categories also!
  • Completed summaries for your Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Pay
  • Completed summaries for your Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Expenses
  • An easy summary page which can be printed or mailed to your accountant easily!
  • The "Accounting" portion of this program works on the CALANDER YEAR, which means that it runs thru December 31st OF 2021.  The IFTA calculator works indefinitely.

Contains driver IFTA calculator  The IFTA sheet features:
  • Allows the driver to enter the purchases of fuel gallons and record the daily miles traveled in each state.  At the end of each quarter the tax rates for that quarter need to be entered.  The program automatically calculates miles per gallon for your IFTA form.  Then it automatically calculates the taxes due.  All values are calculated automatically and ready to enter into your state form.


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