STOP Getting Out of the truck over and over to position your trailer axles!
 Back on the road:  safer - cheaper - faster - EASIER

The Tandem Locking Pin Electronic Locator (LPL)
Sliding tandem trailer locking pin axle locator tool

WHY???  Here are the clear BENEFITS to DRIVERS, Trucking Companies, and Schools!

Benefits of the locking pin locator REDUCE the #1 cause of driver INJURY - the "Slip and Fall."  Vastly fewer trips in and out of the cab!
Benefits of the locking pin locator Reduce the TIME to adjust load weight.  On the road means making money!  $$$
Benefits of the locking pin locator Reduce the FUEL COST and greenhouse gas emissions associated with idling and multiple adjustments
Benefits of the locking pin locator STOP the FRUSTRATION of having to do several trips back to your rig just to move another few inches or the cost of manpower to have a spotter
Benefits of the locking pin locator EXTREMELY valuable to truck driving schools
Benefits of the locking pin locator Like another set of eyes

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Benefits of the locking pin locator Limited one-year warranty!

Tandem slider for semi trailers  Magnetic electronic tandem locking pin slider locator

1 - Retract the locking pin on your sliding tandem trailer

2 - Place the magnetic sensor at desired pin hole location on your tandem semi trailer

Magnetic box for sliding tandem trailer axles  Locking pin tandem axle tool

3 - Place the LPL box magnetically to the side or under cross-member.  (or on the ground beside the trailer) 

4 - Slide trailer and stop when the light comes on - You're THERE!
No getting out several times just to try again!



Made in America
patent#  7404466

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Sliding tandem locking pin axle locator device

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One 9-volt battery is required (not included)