The entire National Trucker's Service Directory is now available as a FREE CELL PHONE APP for your phone or touchpad device (any web-enabled smart-phone, iPad, Android pad, etc)
Trucker services, truck stop, weigh stations, repair, scales, location finder directory
Free truck stop and trucker services directory location finder app
Truckstop directory book and service directory download and cd 

 Free online interstate truck stop locator with fuel pricesWeigh stations and rest areas finderTrucker and rv service finder directoryWal Marts, Sam's Club, and trucker parking finderFree truckstop and trucker services cell phone app with fuel prices and exit guide

Some of the many features include:
Truck Stops, Weigh Stations, CAT scales
Restricted roads and low overpasses
Truck parking, Rest Areas
Truck and trailer repair, Truck washes
Wal-Marts and Sam's Clubs
 Fuel prices for the major truck stops
Mileage to your searched location
Phone numbers and maps to the location
OVER 40,000 items and more being added every week!
1.  Using your cell phone, open your internet browser
2.  In the address area, enter:
(BE PATIENT because it loads the entire database into your temporary browser memory for usage even when you have no signal.)

3.  Once it opens this page, "Bookmark" it so that you can get back to it easily from now on.
4.  Remember that you can send any bookmark also to the "Home Screen" of your phone as an icon as well.
5.  Once your phone has opened the page, you DO NOT EVEN NEED CELL SERVICE to use the application as long as it is cached in the memory of your phone!

The entire directory is also online at this link at Dieselboss trucker pages too!