Installing and mounting tips for truck Satellite TV system (King Vu Qube and Winegard brands)
This is another common question that we get.  So we wrote this guide based on the hundreds of trucks over the years that we have set up for DirecTV and Dish Network using the Winegard or VuQube antenna systems.  As with anything there are several methods to solve this, and each has advantages and disadvantages.  We, at Dieselboss currently offer several possible solutions receive television on the road.  Here are the most common ways we have done it.
 Step One:  What is the best placement so my TV doesn't get blocked by obstructions? Examples: (click any picture to enlarge it)
Truck mounted: (scroll further down for portable and other methods)

*  Measure the height of the roof of your truck.  Satellite TV is a "line-of-sight" system, so it needs a clear view of the southern sky to get on the signal.  If your truck is already close to 13'6" in height, then you may not be able to leave much of your antenna higher than the roof to be able to get reception when your truck is pointing south without going over 13'6".  In those cases, you have to park your truck so that it is not pointing south if possible.
      BUT, hopefully your truck is 13 feet or lower and then you will have room to leave 4 - 6 inches of the top of your antenna up higher than the roof.  The further NORTH that you are in the U.S. the more this matters.

Height of truck for satellite TV Vu Qube or Winegard antennas

Making sure the top of the antenna is as high as possible without going over 13'6" height.  Winegard Durasat model shown in this photo.

Truck too tall for satellite TV dome or Cube

Showing a truck that was already 13'4 inches tall.  Could not place this one over the air spoiler

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Able to leave 4 - 6 inches higher than truck roof

Shown with at least 4 inches above the roof so that you can watch TV when pointed south.
Step Two:  How do I attach it to the truck? Examples: (click any picture to enlarge it)
Truck mounted: (scroll further down for portable and other methods)

* Use either a "bolt-on" or a "no-drill" bracket
note:  The manufacturer's bracket will be a bolt-on version only.

     Bolt-on methods require either (a) a "nutsert gun" that embeds the mount nuts for you to screw into from the outside back wall.  OR a "compression nut kit" whereby you drill 4 holes in the back of the truck and insert the compression nuts into those holes.  When you tighten the bolts to hold the bracket to the truck, the compression nuts spread apart inside. OR taking apart the inside of the sleeper wall and drill clear through from the back and using bolts with washers and regular nuts inside the sleeper.

note:  DieselBoss has bolt-on brackets for the following brands:  VuQube and Winegard X1 Pathway truck and Winegard G2 truck domes.  We also have compression nut kits with the matching bolts.  When doing a bolt-on bracket, we use our nut-sert gun.  However, we realize that drivers doing it themselves will not have this gun, so we made the compression nut kit

Bolt on bracket for Vu Qube truck satellite antenna

Bolt-on bracket using nuts embedded in the back wall.  A no-drill bracket could not be used in this case because of the ribs in the wall.

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No dril sliding bracket for truck satellite vu cube from Diesel Boss

A "no-drill" DieselBoss sliding bracket with a Vu Qube shown.  Also fits the Winegard X1 Pathway or G2 satellite domes.
Specialty features and custom configurations Examples: (click any picture to enlarge it)

Truck mounted: (scroll further down for portable and other methods)

     ALL of our mounts for VuQube and Winegard X1 Pathway / G2 satellite TV domes feature exclusive DieselBoss designs, including:
     *  Upper horizontal slider - this allows you to position the dome or cube as close as possible to the cab.  And it allows for moving it away if an upper aero lip is installed on you roof.
     *  Bolt holes and smooth backing allows for the same bracket to be used in drill or no-drill installations in the future if your truck changes.
     *  Rugged, powder-coated, and made in the U.S.A! Lifetime warranty.
     *  All hardware is made from rust-proof materials and Grade 8 strength.

Special circumstances & custom modifications
     *  Some trucks have an air gap between the roof of the sleeper and an air dome installed on the roof.
     *   DieselBoss has developed the Air Gap Kit to install between the roof and the top of the spoiler
     *  Air gap kit includes the necessary hardware to bolt the rails onto your truck, plus 2 compression nut & bolt packs to bolt it to your roof.
     *  Drilling holes at the top and in your roof is required.
     *  Can be purchased alone, or bundled with a bolt-on style mount at -->THIS PAGE

If you have questions about mounting to a truck, or putting satellite TV on a truck, we recommend you CALL US Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00pm Pacific Time Zone and just ask.  We are here to give you the best advice!

Wiring notes:
  Typically we run the coax or wire harness (depends on the model) down the passenger or driver side bracing at the back of the truck.  We look for any existing holes (from inverters, QualComm etc.) that we can also use to get into the sleeper area of the truck.  Many newer trucks also have rubber plugs under the sleeper now for just such purpose. 
     *  If there is no existing hole to use, then we drill one under the jockey-box cabinet on the passenger side and up into the sleeper under the bunk there.
     *  Some models, like the Tailgater or X1 Pathway use only the coax cable to the dome for both video and power.  Some require an additional 12-volt connection that we tap into in the sleeper (like the G2 and the Flex.)

Dieselboss truck air gap satellite mounting rail kit

Using a DieselBoss "air gap kit" to close the air gap.  (Winegard X1 truck Pathway shown)

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Using a straight plate to mount to ribbed surface

Custom reinforcing plates to be able to bolt to a ribbed surface air gap cover.  There is another plate on the inside for added strength.

Closing the air gap for satellite TV antenna at top of truck

Shown using a custom "L-plate" from DieselBoss to close the air gap on some trucks. (call us for custom plates)
Non-mounted (i.e. removable, portable methods) Examples: (click any picture to enlarge it) 
      Sometimes you simply cannot mount your dome or dish to the truck.  We have a variety of different ways to solve this. 

*  Load-lock mounts - use one of the slots in your load-lock rack for our exclusive dome and cube holder load lock mount.  Allows for raising it high enough to get above your truck and other trucks to get signal.

*  Clamp-on mounts - use a round bar surface like a grab bar, mirror bracket, or our stick-on grabbers to be able to put your antenna out and then back inside while moving.

*  Window mounts - roll up the cube or dome in your driver or passenger side window and raise it high enough to get signal.

Load lock temporary mount for Vu Qube or Wingard satellite dome

Load lock raising mount with the King Vu Qube Tailgater shown. 

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Temporary pole truck mount for Vu Qube Tailgater or Winegard dome TV

Raising pole mounts

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