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-   Laptop truck mount - the best no-drill trucker computer stand solution

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"No-drill / under seat" Laptop Truck Stand for all trucks
Fully Adjustable /  Rugged and Durable  /  Fits Almost Any Laptop and Any Big Rig /  Easy Installation

Easy access for driver or passenger


Dieselboss Ram trucker's laptop mountThe best under seat no drill laptop truck mount

Expandable, Spring-loaded Top:  Laptop holder is spring-loaded with rubber grips on top of a patented rubber ball and socket joint for vibration isolation.  This configuration provides a telescoping feature that ranges from 12 to 18 inches.  It custom fits laptops from 10 to 16 inches wide (17" screens ok)

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Field Tested Durability and Reliability
All components have been field-tested and reinforced for rugged applications.
Shock Control:
Rubberized joints and rubber-grip retaining arms to cradle your equipment and protect it from shock damage that can occur in many field applications where laptop computers and printers are used.  The arms can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to allow for varying thickness of laptops while NOT BLOCKING ports or drives. 

   Lifetime guarantee on all parts.  If they ever break or wear out we will replace them free.  All you have to do is return the part.

Installation -  NO DRILL OPTION:  Loosen the 4 bolts where your seat base bolts to the floor (it is not necessary to remove the bolts.)  Slide the base foot through between the seat base and the floor.  Adjust the base forward and back, side to side to where it is most comfortably for the driver.  The base foot can be under the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat.  Tighten the seats bolts well.  The base is very strong and is made of steel.  The DB3 Ram Mount will adjust from 28?high to 35?high.  It swivels 360 degrees, the arm articulates towards and away from driver, and you can tilt the computer tray down.  All adjustments are made by loosening and tightening the hand-nut until the computer position is comfortable.

NOTE: Can be positioned between the seat bolts of the passenger chair so that it comes toward the driver - or you can turn the base plate 180 degrees so that it comes out behind the passenger seat to be used in the sleeper.

DRILL OPTION:  This same mount can be mounted directly to the floor by 4 bolts any place (some drilling is required).  All accessories below will connect to these units.


 Version 1
for all trucks EXCEPT Internationals with the heating / cooling under the passenger seat.
Only $209.00
(NO sales tax!)

* Fast shipping now.  $28.95 FedEx Ground shipping in the U.S. is added during checkout.  Call in if you want it overnight or if you are shipping to Canada.


Version 2
ONLY FOR Internationals with the heating / cooling box under the passenger seat.  (This mount will come with an additional support brace so that it can be placed under the seat, but on top of the heating/cooling box)
Only $245.00
(NO sales tax!)

* Fast shipping now.  $28.95 FedEx Ground shipping in the U.S. is added during checkout.  Call in if you want it overnight or if you are shipping to Canada.

or to order toll-free over the phone instead:
Call 866-851-2346
Direct number: 503-336-4228

* Fast shipping now.  Call in if you want it overnight or for shipping outside of the U.S.

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  Accessories for our laptop computer stands are found HERE. (power inverters, lights, mouse trays, lid supports, and power caddies)

Laptop power caddyLaptop USB lightLaptop lid support armdc to ac power inverter

Laptop mount install centers

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